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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice falls

I have a thing for waterfalls, but as it is winter, all the waterfalls have turned to ice falls--Justin's name for frozen waterfalls. Only thing is... they don't fall much anymore. They're pretty much in suspended animation until warmer weather comes.

I see these all along the highway on the way to taking Justin to Lords Valley. Ther are tons of them but I don't like stopping in the middle just for a picture. I took these on the off ramp--much safer there.

In spring and summer while it rains these waterfalls show up and gush from the rocks. It really is nice, but these ice-falls are nice too.

Winter does have some nice things to show us, if we're willing to see them.


  1. OMG it must be really cold for a waterfall to actually freeze. I've never seen this.

  2. Ice falls are beautiful. They form little by little anywhere when it's cold enough even if water is falling. Great pics, Glory!

    @ Conny, up here the 'ice climbers' climb up the ice falls as an extreme sport -believe it or not!


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