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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's bake some cookies

Brandon asked me to bake some cookies so he wouldn't go to his girlfriend's family home empty handed over the new year's weekend. So, I made these mint-chocolate chip cookies with a recipe I revised from the back of a Nestle Toll-house cookie recipe.

If you're expecting a cookie to rival store bought kind, hard, crunchy, nothing special and full of preservatives, fageddabodit! These cookies are yummy and while perhaps not exactly good for you, they won't kill you either. Ask anyone who has had the good fortune to have tasted one.

Unless they were just being very polite...but anyway!

These cookies stay soft for several days and according to many cookie monsters of my acquaintance, are the best ever. I think they are okay--chocolate chip just are not my favorite. Ask me about my thumbprint cookies one day--heaven in a mouthful!-- but I digress. People ask me how I keep them so soft and chewy. The trick is to bake them for precisely 12 minutes, not more, not less. I've made them in both a regular oven and a convection one, so there is no difference.
Fresh out of the oven

Want to make your own batch? Then run on over to the kitchen--my kitchen page, I mean to say. You'll find the recipe there. You'll find loads of them there actually.  This recipe is a versatile one, as you shall see. I often use chips of unusual flavors to make these cookies, so they could be cinnamon, peanut butter, white chocolate, semi-dark, milk chocolate and even raspberry flavored. I wonder what I'll make next? Anyone's guess!

Well, that's another thing. I never make just one batch. I always make a double. One is usually to give away and the other for my bunch at home to snack on. This time I filled a big tub for Brandon to share...his girlfriend has a huge family and they all were gathered for the new year celebration.

Now, I'm not one for fancy gift wrapping. Just not my thing, but I did do one thing to make the top--which wasn't right for a gift of cookies even if they are yummy.

It once contained ice cream info and now?

I used a Christmas card I had received and taped it onto the lid. That's as fancy as I get and I make no apologies for it. My love goes into the cookies, not the packaging. If you try the recipe, let me know how you like them. I've given the recipe out many times and get this whine, "I followed the recipe exactly and they didn't taste anything like yours!"

Perhaps they just didn't put in the love?  I just don't know why.


  1. YUMMY!!!!!! Big time YUMMY! :)))

  2. I want some! (And I don't care about fancy wrappings)

  3. Glory, Glory, urgent, send cookies! Our Glory makes them chewy yet, my favourite, NOT crumbly and dry! They're the greatest!
    Repeat: send cookies....we are getting weaker by the moment.... ":)
    Otherwise I'll have to make some, yes, 12 minutes, I may be able to survive that long...

  4. Need I remind you I do not have your address? Yes, it seems I do. I only just got back from a trip to the post office...yes, sending cookies. I could have sent some to the castle then and there but address ...not even to the dungeon. ;-)


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