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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maybe it's not just me!

Here I thought surely this perpetual need to grow things must just be me, then I open up a pumpkin.

Why did I open it? Well, it started getting soft. Took long enough. It's been sitting on a shelf for months now.

When I noticed it was rotting, I cut it open and lookie what I found! Yes, seeds but do you see something odd about those seeds? Like...they're sprouting!

Gees-Louise! They couldn't even wait to be out of the pumpkin! It wasn't just one or two of them.

There were a bunch of them on either side of the pumpkin half. After gaping at this miracle I looked about me and found a little bit of soil, a tiny spot to dig and I tossed my already sprouted seedlings in. They're growing with one of the many tomatoes I rooted. Oh, boy! Do I need a greenhouse or what?

See? I'm not the only one eager for spring to come so we can set our roots into the soil and grow, grow and reach for the sun. It's not just me!

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