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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old denim jeans made into a pocketbook

It’s Craft Tuesday. Crafts are a big part of my life, so I’m taking Tuesday for talking crafts. As much as I would like to be in the garden all the time,  I must on occasion do something inside and that is where sewing, crocheting, knitting and other crafts come to save my sanity.

After I made several potholders with Brandon's old jeans, I was left with two perfectly good back pockets, a waistband and some assorted other pieces of denim and I knew I could do something constructive with them. Well, I made myself a nifty little pocketbook.

I decided to show you how I did this on this craft Tuesday.

1. First thing I did was cut out the center seam which held both "cheeks" of the jeans together. That made the back and the front of the purse.
2. I cut off the waistband to use later on as the handle.
3. I removed the zipper from the front of the jeans (which I still had) and sewed it onto the top of one pocket.

4. I cut a 3 inch wide strip of the remaining denim--I think it was from one of the legs-- and sewed it onto the bottom of each pocket. This would be the bottom on the pocketbook so it would sit flat. Who wants a pocketbook that flops over, after all?
5. I cut out equal sized pieces of denim to use for the sides of the pocketbook, so it would have some room inside for my usual stuff--wallet, chapstick, comb and a book, must have room for a book!
Bottom of pocket book to make it sit flat

6. The tricky part was sewing this cube shape on the sewing machine, but I managed.
7. After the cube was formed, I added the handle sewing it to either side.
8. The last thing to do to finish it up was sew the second part of the zipper on the other side of the purse. The zipper wasn't really needed--without it, you'd have a mini-tote bag which is fine, but I like to be able to close it up.

And that was it. It took several hours. Most of that time was just figuring out how to do it. I had never done anything like this before, but once it was done it's become my favorite. I love those handy pockets for a note pad and pen and on the other side is another one prefect for my cell phone.

Tom was so funny. He kept staring at it until I asked what was up and he said, "You made that out of jeans?"
Waist band now a handle

"Yes, the ones that Brandon ripped to shreds on one knee and stained all over from the exploding pump. I salvaged what I could," I said. I certainly didn't want him thinking I used a perfectly good pair to make this!

 He kept staring at it then said, "Cool."

I guess that means he approved. LOL

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