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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save the bees!

We must save the bees!

I don't know about you ( I can guess this is definitely not the case for you), but I love bees. They fascinate me and I want to save them. Here they go from flower to flower collecting pollen for their own survival and in the process they do us the supreme favor of pollinating our crops so they can produce fruit and veggies for us and they hybridize our flowers so they can go to seed and you know what those seeds produce? Oddities, of course! That's the backbone of the ever-expanding garden. Oh, I love that!

Bees love the trumpet vine!

I know there are some--or should I say many?-- of you who are terrified of bees. To you I say, if you don't bother them , they will not bother you. How do I know this? Because while I'm in the garden, humming to myself and pulling weeds, the bees buzz right by me and pay me no mind. I, on the other hand, love to watch them. I especially like when they get pollen all over their bellies! They're so an ugly bug sort of way, of course. No, I don't find them as cute as a kitten, by any stretch of the imagination, but they are funny creatures and helpful ones to have in your garden. It is a sign of a healthy garden when you can boast of seeing bees buzzing about here and there and everywhere.

 Perhaps you know--unless you've been hiding from the world for several years...not a bad idea, grant you, but it does make you a tad out-of-touch-- but the bee population is in dire straits. No, not the rock band! Keep up with me, will ya! We're talking bees, if you please!

So, where was I? Ah, yes, the plight of the bumble bees. It's bad, folks, real bad. Bees are dying away in droves. Why? An over-use of pesticides, that's why. You think you're just getting rid of Mosquitoes when you blast the yard with that killer stuff? No, baby, you're hurting fish in ponds, birds in their nests and more than those pesky biters, I'll tell ya that! You're hurting beneficial bugs, too, and that includes the poor bumble bee! The horror, the carnage!

Gotta have bees if you want apples
 It's quite a shame, actually. Without bees, the gentle bumble bees to be exact, our crops won't be pollinated as they once had been, thus that's less food for the masses, honey production will go further down than it already is and we won't have wax for those lovely natural wax candles and other products made with natural wax. Yes, they have synthetic things to replace natural wax and there is a honey of sorts made with corn syrup, but really, if you've had the real stuff, you'd know there is no substitute for real true honey, just like there is no substituting the fake stuff for natural Maple syrup.

So this is why PennApic, the Pennsylvanian Backyard Beekeepers Association encourages beekeeping and even offers training, workshops and all sorts of assistance for this hobby which serves far more than just you and your backyard...more like a worldwide benefit, this is. I'm seriously considering doing this. What's stopping me? Fear. The bees, as I have stated before, don't ever bother me while I'm minding my own business, but let's face it, sticking your hand into a hive full of bees and taking the fruits of their labor, honey and wax , is not exactly minding your own beeswax, now is it?
Bees don't like Pooh bear when he's after their honey

 There's also, Tommy. Will he want me playing around with bees? Somehow, I think not. He might put the cabash on the whole thing before it goes anywhere. Ah, well. We shall see. I'll have to do some research on this fascinating new endeavor and get back to you.


  1. Glory, this is too coincidental. Yesterday evening, as my laptop computer is not available, being shipped off for repair, --I began RE-reading a "Bee Book". I have been interested in honeybees for quite a few years! It's a hobby well worth taking up--and with bee populations declining, its NOT a bad idea at all--a variety of small beekeepers with variable breeds of bees in highly varied locations and conditions --would help strengthen the bee population! GREAT idea, I believe! Just make sure you have a nice little bee suit on.... and go for it! ":)

  2. I swear I must be connected to all my blogging buddies in some strange and funny ways! We all seem to be on the same wavelength. So cool! Julie's planning on joining me in this new endeavor. Maybe you can join us too! YAY!


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