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Monday, January 9, 2012

Seeds, seed heads and such

I said I would show you some seeds, seed heads and such, to help you in your seed collecting endeavors.

I had said I would show common flowers, but this one is not at all a common one for most people to collect seeds from even if they had these in there garden. Don't misunderstand me, it's not an uncommon plant, but collecting seeds from it is a tad unusual. Can you guess what it is?

Most people pick all the flowers in spring to bring inside, because they smell so nice and they are such show-stopping beauties. Still no clue? It's a Peony gone to seed, one is the regular peony and the other is a tree peony. The seeds are roundish, black or dark brown when ripe and about the size of a small pea. There usually are several seeds in each pod. When they are fully ripe, the capsules or seed pods split open to reveal the seed within. That's when it is safe to collect them.

What you do with them once you collect them is either plant them straight away or store them in old junk mail envelopes or folded sheets of paper (label them too so you don't forget what they are. Do it! I always say I'll remember but they all look alike after a while so, LABEL THEM!) Then store them in a dry, cool place out of direct sun. Shoe boxes are great stored in a hidden place, closet or cubby-hole.

You may be wondering how I got the peonies to go to seed. Nothing I did except not deadhead. The blame or credit goes to the butterflies and bees that pollinated them. You ask if I have collected these seeds? Of course, but some I leave where they are just to see what happens. Want to know what happens? I'll tell you! The seeds fall to the fertile soil and some of them germinate and a baby peony is what I find. Sometimes several of them, which isn't that good as I have so many of them and I am seriously running out of room for them.

We'll do another flower next time.

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