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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Transplanting tomatoes

So, I've told I have these tomato plants growing on my cats' sunny windowsill. Well, it used to be theirs, but I confiscated it this winter. I had to! Look these plants, they're huge! They've gotten so big in fact, that I had to transplant them.
Baby grown up good!

I didn't really wish to do this. It is traumatic for them and they are fruiting at the moment, so the fruit could drop and, well, don't want that to happen!

But look at that root system! The plant was constantly getting droopy, too, so I had to water it often. A sure sign it needs a bigger pot in which to grow.

I searched within the house for a pot and soil to use...yes, I keep a few pot of soil just in case I get cabin fever so bad that I have-have-have to grow something! Good thing I did. Although, I did have to go to the greenhouse to find...what was it? Oh, yes a trowel, but I didn't find one there. They were up in the pole barn and I just wasn't going there. What did I use instead? I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

I do so hope the baby tomatoes don't drop. What is that white speck?!? White flies! We'll take care of those buggers!

Well, there is one down and one more to go. I hope this pot which is only a bit wider but much deeper will suit it for a while.

here it is happily back in place, none the worse for the disturbing transplanting process.

And here is the other one, the bigger one whose root system was even more tightly packed. And look at those tomatoes! I'm a happy camper today. I actually got to garden while comfortably situated inside the house. Can't get better than that!

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