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Friday, January 20, 2012

When you don't have the proper tools, improvise!

So, I mentioned  the other day, that I needed a trowel for transplanting my tomato plants. Well, it wasn't readily available so I had to make do by improvising. The trowel in question was not found in the greenhouse where it usually would be stored for the winter because the greenhouse isn't very...shall we say...put together. Tom never got around to fixing it up so it has gaping holes in it. It's actually half roof-less--not exactly a waterproof place for keeping anything, but least of all my precious garden tools.

Nifty scoops

So, where are my garden tools now? In the pole barn. While it's not that far away that I can't go there, it was a particularly cold day and I really didn't want to go outside if I didn't have to. As it turned out, I didn't have to. You see, when I don't have the proper tools for a certain job,  I just improvise! I didn't need no sticking trowel after all!

How can this be? Well, I have the good sense--Hmm, some might not call it good sense, but humor me for now-- to have sea shells*  to decorate my plants. In one houseplant I have large clam shells covering the soil and these are what I used to scoop up soil into the pots and around the plants. Worked great, maybe even better than a trowel would have done. It was much easier to maneuver the shells around the branches of the plant without breaking any off.

So, you see, just cuz you don't have the "proper" tools doesn't mean you can't do as the cave people did and just use what you have. Whoever said gardening is expensive can kiss my...sea shells.

*There is a good reason for the  sea shells covering the soil which I'm pretty sure I have told you before, but it bares repeating. Using the lovely sea shells we collect at the various beaches we frequent to decorate my plants serves to keep the cats from digging in them. See? There is reason in my madness.... sometimes anyway.


  1. Hey, that's much better than using a shovel for a pry bar. I think I remember somebody doing that last summer?

  2. I wonder who could have done such a silly thing...probably me!

  3. Improvise is my middle name! lol
    'hugs from afar'

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