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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Activities for kids (and moms) with cabin fever

More where that came from

 I don't quite think this truly can count as a Craft Tuesday piece, but as it is winter and I'm in a nostalgic sort of mood, I thought of a time when cabin fever was at an all time high for me and my kids. It was snowing something fierce and the temperatures were deadly cold. I hate going out in the snow and cold as you well know, so inside we stayed....with a twist. We brought the outside inside. I'll explain.

Just one of several I have...just in case

First, this is a great time to tell you my pack-rat ways saved the day. I always save those shower curtains which no longer served their purpose. They would no longer stay hooked up--Kids are good at ripping them down-- but that doesn't mean they are completely useless..the curtains I mean...hmm, guess kids are useful too.
Another one bites the tile

Anyway, I used my saved up shower curtains to cover the kitchen floor. Then I braved the storm outside and filled up two buckets with fresh snow and brought them inside.
They played in the snow outside, too!

Then I told the kids to play with the snow just as they would with sand. I gave them beach buckets and shovels and other little toys and let them use their imagination. I had them wear gloves so their fingers wouldn't get too cold. That way they could really dig in and make something. Alexis made a snow city painting each building a different color with food coloring. Brandon made snow cars to drive down the snow streets with little Fisher-Price people sitting on top of each. Justin, being only 3 years old, used a tiny plastic shovel to move snow from this bucket to that cup. Tyler just over a year old, just stuck McDonald Kids' meal toys in lumps of snow.

They had fun which was the important part. Too bad I was too busy playing with them that I didn't think of taking pictures. Ah, well.

As the snow melted it got tossed into the sink or bathtub...there was more snow where the first batch came from, so worries about running out. The shower curtains left my floors nary the wetter for the trouble. All in all a good afternoon of fun.

So, if you know a kid or two suffering from cabin fever and/or a frazzled mom or dad wishing to find some way of entertaining the kids, tell them to bring some snow inside and have some clean fun. It works in the bathtub, too!

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