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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Broadway, here we come!

Actually, that ought to read, Broadway, been there, done that, but here we come just sounded better for a title.

A few weeks back--yes, I forgot to tell you, or rather, I had other things to talk/write about since then-- Tom and I went to New York City to see a Broadway show with our friends Marc and Careen. I mentioned them before when they invited us to their lovely Christmas party at Kip's Castle. Careen of Hartmann Staging and Design did the decorating you may recall.

Well, they insisted we go to a show with them when we told them we had never been to Broadway.

"Never been to Broadway???" Marc said. "What kind of New Yorkers are you?"

The kind that hate cities, traffic and crowds hence why we left New York several years back to live in very rural and peaceful Pennsylvania. This logic was totally lost on them. They love the hustle and bustle. I like to be left alone. Go figure!

Well, months before the event, Tom had asked what I would like to go see, musical or play. I picked musical, but it really didn't matter to me. I thought it was the lesser of two evils...evils for Tom, that is. I really didn't think he would like either, but I thought a musical would at least keep him awake.

So, Tom got the tickets online for a fraction of their usual price. *Sidebar: Don't go to Broadway in summer unless you wish to take out a second mortgage out on your dwelling-end side bar* So, when he told me the price I said, "Well, that's not too bad for four tickets."

He shook his head and corrected me. "No, Babe, that's the price for each ticket."

My jaw dropped. My frugal self wanted him to call the whole thing off. He laughed at me.

"We never go out and Marc wants us to go with them. I'm sure we'll like it," he said, although he didn't sound convinced of it himself!

That was precisely my worry, that we would like it and would want to do this most frivolous sort of thing over and over again. Oh, the money wasted! Money that could be put toward something more useful and mulch for my garden, or feeding the birds or helping out a friend in need. Yes, these are the guilty sorts of thoughts that ran through my head.

Well, we went anyway. I was outvoted or something like. It ended up being Chicago so I explained to Tom that we had seen the movie version which starred Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zelweiger and Richard Gere. He said, "Oh, yeah, I remember."  I knew perfectly well he didn't.

Half way through the musical, just before intermission, he leans over to me and says, "I didn't know there was a story behind all the music. I don't remember any of that." I explained that would be because he slept through most of the movie. He was pensive for a second then said, "It must be better in person."

That or the chairs in the theater are not nearly as comfortable as his lounge chair back home. Plus there was the fact that Tom dressed a little nicer than usual and that in itself kept him from getting so comfortable that he would drift off. My poor Tommy. If he has to wear something other than his sweats, he's all out of sorts.

The surprise in all this was Tom actually liked the musical. I knew I would, but I didn't think I would like seeing it on Broadway as much as I did. The show was spectacular, every actor/singer awesome and the experience was almost worth the trouble of the two and half hour trip to get into New York.

Afterwards we went to dinner at a lovely Brazilian steak house restaurant which was offering online half-off coupons. Well, Tom's a frugal as I am, so you had to know he was all for that!

So, a great big and belated thank you to Marc and Careen for getting us out of our rut and making us experience Broadway for the first time. Will we likely go again? In all truth, probably not. The price of the entire day of entertainment was more than we'd have to pay for a year membership for the both of us to Longwood Botanical gardens and you gotta know I'd much rather do that! But that's just me and Tommy. We're awfully strange that way.


  1. I confused. So you live in PA and go to NY to see a musical about Chicago?

  2. What can I tell you? We're world travelers!

  3. Botanical gardens, bonsai collections, and garden-conservatories any time for us rather than OVERPRICED 'so-called' entertainment. Tickets for some shows are obscene--not justifiable in any way.
    On the other hand, steaks work, I'm with Tommy on that one... That's just us....":))


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