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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dish gardening

I have a dish garden. Know what that is? Sure you do! It's a tiny garden in a dish...duh! Want to see mine? Sure you do!

I'm betting you're woefully disappointed, aren't you? Sorry! But this is as good as it gets in the winter around my house. What does my little dish garden consist of, you may be asking? A celery bottom and a few carrot tops. I got this idea from the ingenious Julie Helms.

Obviously when she's not feeding mealy worms to her chickens over at Wooly Acres or checking that lovely fleece on her sheep, she's always coming up with interesting things to do in the house. I like that, let me tell you!

So, when I read her article on how you can re-grow celery...well, you had to know I would love that!

It's super easy and I'm sure kids--all aged kids too-- would love to see this in action. Well, in as much action as plants can give, I suppose. The carrots took off lickety-split, but it may take time for the celery. That's okay. I am nothing if not patient...except for spring to come.

I'm quite happy with my tiny dish matter what you say!


  1. I think this is very creative and Julie has taught you well. Its impressive how good, colorful and 'sprouting' they look in your dish. :)

  2. Trust our Julie and Glory to get together and cobble up such a creative idea. Kids will love this, and adults too. Instant veggie bonsai it is! I also understand that if you plant carrot tops and re-grow the
    carrots,(if not a hybrid) they will also produce true seeds, which you can plant, so there you have it, your very own carrot seed farm. Meantime you can grow parts for soup, a fine winter project. ":)

  3. I've always wondered, will the carrot tops grow into a new carrot? Or will they just grow greens and make seeds?


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