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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Glory of a sunset

The days may be chilly.
The ground may be frozen.

The gardens may look barren.

The sky may be a tad too bleak.

Spring may be still too far away for comfort.

But a pretty sunset, fleeting as it is, puts it all to right.


  1. Nice poetry? Would that classify as freeverse poetry? Anyway, I think it fits because a sunset puts a big of color in a colorless landscape.

  2. I wouldn't call it poetry, even if some might. Just thoughts that popped into my head and I wrote them down. Maybe that is all there is to poetry... I wouldn't know. :-)

  3. That's poetry, Glory. Free verse, honest and beautiful. Definitely poetry, so record it as such. ":)

  4. LOL, if you insist, Raymond. I know nothing about it, after all.

  5. Great verses and a great pic to go with them. With the barren trees, the sunset definitely smacks of winter and the hope of spring to come.


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