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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog's day my butt!

Today is groundhog's day, the day in which we give a mere rodent--albeit a rather large one-- his due. Puxotany Phil is the official spring forecaster from the ingenious town (By way of marketing tourism and providing the entire town plus all the thousands of annual Groundhog's day visitors a great excuse to party down while cabin fever is at its highest level, you must admit that is rather brilliant!) town of Puxatony somewhere in middle-earth Pennsylvania who will let us know when we can kiss our winter coats goodbye.

Really? Yes, really. It's no wonder ET and his buddies went blasting off back home across the galaxy, sending ahead of them the message, "No need to stay here. There is no intelligent life on earth."

Okay, so it's all in fun, but excuse me for being a grumpy unbeliever in groundhog psychic skills.
I've learned that, at least here in the Poconos, no pampered rodent is going to tell me when spring is here. It's here when I say it is! But no one will likely listen to me...I have no thick fur coat and I don't go hiding on sunny, winter days just cuz I see my shadow. But what do I know?
Oh, plu-ease!

Besides that, I don't have much love for the groundhogs I have had to deal with in my own yard. Have I told you my worst garden pest story? Well, check it out before you judge me too harshly.

Bold as you please!

Oh, they look cute and innocent, funny even, but gees-Louise! They can be bothersome, and to have one pampered fur-ball touted as so very smart that he and only he and his descendants know when spring will come around is just too much for me to take. It's enough to have me yanking my hair out and run screaming for the snowy hills.
Hyacinths will do too

So you can celebrate the shadow-seeker all you want. I'll stay huddled inside waiting for the first Crocus. Now there's a sign of spring I can handle...and not just cuz it won't set up household under my porch and eat all my apples.

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  1. Great post! Yeah! Who said groundhogs know any more about winter than Pileated woodpeckers anyway? Maybe we'll start a "Pileated Woodpecker" day for springy stuff. hmm...that ought to make spring come sooner, even without crocuses...":)


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