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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St Valentine's day!

It’s Craft Tuesday, the day we take for talking crafts. Sewing, crocheting, knitting and other crafts come to save my sanity while the garden sleeps.

  As promised I'm going to show you what my crocheted  hearts were supposed to be. If you missed last week's craft Tuesday post, you'll know what a mess my facebook buddies made of my very innocent St. Valentine's day craft project.

I made this pink heart and another one just like it, because I ran out of red yarn. I made two hearts with the red, if you will recall, but those hearts became something totally different. I'll show you later how that turned out.

Well, I took my two pink hearts and joined them back to back. I left a tiny space at the bottom to fill it. What did I use for filler? Well, I looked for some scraps of fabric or other soft stuff, but couldn't find any in the mess which is the craft room. Oh, everything is in place and mostly picked up and put's just that I have no clue where I put the fiberfill. It may still be in the attic closet where I originally had all my craft stuff. So, not finding what I needed, I improvised. I found this thing instead. 

Betcha you don't know what it is. Justin took it home with him the last time we went to the doctor for a check up. That kid loves paper gowns--don't ask me why! And please don't ask me why I kept it. Okay, go ahead and ask. I like to use them when I make patterns for clothes. They are a nifty, big size paper and easy to pin onto fabric. But anyway, back to my St. Valentine's day project.

I took a few strips off the bottom of the paper gown and spritzed it with perfume--that was a huge mistake! I got such a headache from it. Perfume is nice from far away, I guess or I just may prefer the much more subtle scents eminating from flowers. I then stuffed the heart with the scented paper strips and then crocheted it shut. I then made a picot trim all the way around adding a few-inches-long loop for hanging. All edged it in a picot trim made it looked rather nice.

And here is my St. Valentine's day crocheted heart sachet. I now have it hanging in my closet. You'll find complete instructions (except for the picot trim) for making your own over at Self Reliance Works.

As for my red hearts...

Nuff said.

I may let you know if Tommy likes it.

Happy St. Valentine's day!

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