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Friday, February 3, 2012

The hazards of Christmas

I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to talk about the hazards of Christmas, and no, I'm not referring to time spent with less than desirable relations. I'm thinking of those pretty glass globes and other delicate things we often use to adorn our Christmas trees.
So much for that one
There I was happily decorating the tree lingering over each cute little ornament one of my kids made. Yes, I'm silly-sentimental that way, which is why my trees often look--hmm, how can I putt his?-- weird. I have saved practically every single crafty thing my kids have made. Case in point, this broken one in the photo.  I believe, Alexis decorated in Kindergarten with rainbow sparkles and Elmer's glue. I had managed to keep it safe all these years--over two decades-- but a weak branch or perhaps a hook which didn't stay in place and this went smash on the floor.

I was rather annoyed about it at the time, but I scooped up the pieces and tossed them away, with barely a second thought. Well, it took this long for the second thought to ferment into something potent, into regret and sadness.
Lexi at 5 month old

You see, I only just realized I didn't just lose a silly, replaceable Christmas ornament. I lost a memory. Without this little glass globe to remind me of that time when Lexi handed it to me with a big I did it all by myself  grin, I won't likely ever recall it again. Out of sight out of mind really works for me, unfortunately, all too well.

Alexis holding Justin and Brandon on the couch

Things we keep from bygone days, weeks and months remind us of when we got them, who gave them to us, where we were and possibly the scents and emotions of that particular moment in time. I just won't have that one particular keepsake to remind me of Alexis at five, when she still needed me.
What is it, Mommy?

I know I have many other things hiding here and there to remind me of times past, but I have to think of all those precious memories of my kids which I have completely forgotten. Oh, I remember some, but not all and I find that very sad.

That is the true hazard of Christmas. We don't always remember the good things nearly as well as we recall the bad when I dropped that glass sphere and let it smash to smithereens.

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  1. Something has to be really really bad for a guy to remember it. So I guess all our thoughts of past Christmases is pretty good. As long as I buy presents for Beth she "seems" pleased with then I'm a happy camper. If I buy her a "bad" gift then I will remember it because she won't let me forget it. SO far I've been pretty lucky.


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