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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My St. Valentine's day craft project gone awry

This is a story about my St. Valentine's day craft project gone awry. I had no intention of doing a St. Valentine's day craft project, but that's the suggestion I received from my good friend Alexandra Heep when I posted my dilemma on Facebook--And you thought Facebook was good for nothing more than wasting time. Silly you!--What dilemma? I'll tell you.
Cupid getting it on with his beloved Psyche

There I was bored on a Saturday afternoon...okay, I wasn't really bored, per say. I never really am. I just kinda felt like doing something new. I was in the middle of writing a chapter for Violet's in Bloom, I have that wrong. It was for An Ever Fixed Mark. I remember I left Janet and Wes--the two main teenage characters--in the school's courtyard and I just didn't feel like having lunch with them, at least not just then. Did I just digress again? Think I did.


Alexandra reminded me of a few Heart crochet projects I found through the weekly-- or is it daily? Must be daily, I get a  new bunch everyday--projects for knitting, crocheting, sewing and other crafts from several crafty sites one of which is FaveCrafts Quick and Crafty. 

So, I looked for some suitable yarn in my sizable stash--which reminds me...did I tell you I may have to switch my craft room to another room once the boys get moved into their new home? Hmm, that should be another post, so never mind for now.-- I was hoping for red yarn--red is the official color for hearts and Valentine's day, but I supposed pink would do too and miracle of miracles! I found some red and pink. YAY! I grabbed my crochet hook and this is what I made....

Well, what do you think it is?

I posted this on Facebook to show Alexandra I actually listened to her. Don't you hate it when your great ideas are never acknowledged? Well, I do, so I wasn't going to wait until I actually finished this before telling Alexandra, not that she doesn't have better things to do than wait for my marvelous Facebook posts, but...oh, well, whatever. So, you know what happened next? I suppose you might if you follow me on Facebook and were hanging around with nothing better to do on a lovely Saturday than await to read one of my silly posts, but in case you weren't, I'll tell you.

Mac Pike happened that's what! He's a funny guy and a marvel when it comes to veggie gardening over at Uncle Mac's Garden Shed, but give that man any latitude and he'll give you attitude...of the lascivious sort! He took a look at my unfinished project and said and I quote, "what a cute l'il thong that is!"

Can you believe that? Well, it didn't stop there.  Jim Bessey, Mr. Just camping out agreed with Mac as did my own cousin Isabelle, and she suggested I make a matching set of pasties to go with the thong-G-string thing--gives another meaning to heart strings, don't you think?

Then Alexandra's friend Iain jumped into the fray insisting he was making his own hearts and he needed a model to see if he'd done it correctly...Uh...yeah, right...

Well, needless to say--or maybe not so needless-- Alexandra and I were utterly flummoxed that my innocent little crocheted heart would spur such...well, not-so-innocent thoughts. I suppose I should have suspected Cupid of wantonly tossing around his amorous arrows, but it just didn't occur to me it would go this far.

St. Valentine's day is quickly approaching, after all, but as Alexandra has said before--and I quite agree-- "We get our kicks above the waistline, Sunshine!" .

My little crocheted heart was destined to be something very much different than my Facebook buddies had in their filthy minds. So, I ignored this thread and proceeded with my project. I made another heart and edged it in white. I thought it looked very pretty.

Then I made the mistake of showing Tommy and I asked, "What do you think this is?"

Predictably--Tommy ain't no dummy-- he said, "Hearts." but then he added, "They'd make a nice bra...wouldn't cover up much."

My jaw dropped. Really...a bra??? That's what you see when I show you two crocheted hearts? Hardly better than thinking it was a G-Sting! Well, at this point I gave up. Which is to say, I really am making these two hearts into a bra. I'll let you know how Tom reacts when he sees me almost wearing it on St. Valentine's day...or maybe I won't! This is supposed to be a rated PG site. ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what the hearts were supposed to be, but this post is already too long. I guess I'll have to show you next week.


  1. So it looks like Mac was right. Looks like a thong. I won't know until it's modeled. I knew there was something exciting going on just exactly when my internet was offline. ":))

  2. This is probably the funniest post I have ever read by you. Thanks for the the laughs!

  3. They would make great earrings for valentine's day if that was all that was worn...along with a smile.


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