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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stained Glass Baby Blanket

It’s Craft Tuesday, the day we take for talking crafts. Sewing, crocheting, knitting and other crafts come to save my sanity while the garden sleeps.

I've been at it again as you can see. Well, I would be. It's not exactly time for planting anything yet, whether inside or not. This time I created flat panels with my loom knitter with no idea what I was to do with them once I finished them. I didn't even know how many I would end up with. I was just using whatever stray yarn I could find.

 As it turns out five was the number (but I only used four for the finished project) before I decided what I would make. I wonder if anyone does that. Makes discordant pieces and parts before coming up with an end plan. Well, I did and it worked out fine for me...this time anyway.
Periwinkle blue and royal purple edged in black

I suppose you're wondering why I would call this a baby blanket when it most definitely doesn't look remotely like your typical pastel colored creation. Well, I don't know about you, but my babies were messy beings and any pastel colored anything soon became grossly stained and ugly. I think brightly colored items are much more practical for the new Mommy. I made a pretty quilt for my niece Vivian when she was born using very bright colored fabrics and now that she's a toddler it still looks nice.
Kind of like stained glass windows

I used the smallest round loom and worsted weight acrylic yarn in jewel tones of turquoise, hot pink, royal purple and a periwinkle blue. I realized the blues look very similar in the photo, but I assure you they are drastically different in person. I used the regular E-wrap stitch for these so they worked up fast and easy...a bit too easy if truth be told. The only problem I had was making each panel the same length. It's so easy to lose track of which row you are on and if you do, you'll have to count them very carefully to get an accurate reading on how many more rows you need to go. In the end they seemed all right and nearly the same. 

I used black yarn to edge each panel to give it the stained glass effect. It was a simple single crochet, chain one (1sc, 1ch) all the way around with a slip stitch to join at the beginning. I made two rows of edging before I joined the panels.
Simple single crochet and chains to edge each panel

To join the separate pieces I used black yarn again and a G size crochet hook. Single crochet stitches alternately worked on two panels joined them so that they lay flat.  At every chain one space I made a single crochet and chain one then I did the same on the corresponding space on the second panel, alternating back and forth. It was super easy and worked up nicely. Once the four panels were attached I edged the entire thing in the same way I edged the individual panels, (1sc,1 ch) all the way around twice.

Thus I created my stained glass baby blanket, but if you object to the bright colors you can easily substitute baby pink, blue, yellow, green and  edge it in white. It would look quite nice and be much more traditional...if that's your thing. This could easily be made for an older child or used as a lap-ghan. If you make the panels longer and more of them, you can have a regular sized afghan or throw. You can even vary the wide of the panels by using a bigger loom (making the panels wider) or working less pegs on the same loom I used (which makes the panel more narrow).

Really this was a very nice relaxing project, but the pity is I have no one to give it to. I was told by Marie Anne St. Jean, another crochet enthusiast from The Crooked Yarn, to create a contest and give it away to the winner. I'll have to think about it. 

Name that tree? Name that flower? Hmm, could be interesting!

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