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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tools of my very own

Tom finally gave me tools of my very own. Don't see why it took him this long, but I suspect it was to keep me from "fixing" things around the house in  a not-good-enough-even-for-government-work sort of way.

He came home from one of his shopping trips to Harbor Freight where he gets some of his and Brandon's tools and he got these for free. Don't ask me how he managed that! Perhaps he's their best customer. Or they give out a free set of screw drivers after your total purchase adds up to a certain number. Or he may have had a coupon for a free set from out of the flyers they always send to him by mail.

Whatever the reason, I have my own set of screw drivers now--the only tool besides garden tools I feel okay about using--which is rather nice. Every time I needed one before, I went down to Tom's tool box and took one, but if he was home he always gave me the third degree.

What you doing?
Why do you need that?
What did you break?
What happened?

And if he's not home, I better make sure I put it back precisely as he had it or else he'll know I took it--oh, yes, trust me when I say, he always knows-- and he'll start with...

Why did you go in my tool box?
What broke?
What happened?

OY! Can we say a bit over-protective of our cherished tools?

Now I have my own set so his precious and precisely placed and stored tools are safe from my wanton and reckless ways. Where do I keep them? In my craft room in a nice little basket on a shelf. Okay, so it should be a tool box, but I just didn't have anything like a tool box which fit them all in without looking hideous, so a basket will have to do.

What do I care? They're just my very own tools!


  1. After last summers fiasco when you used a shovel as a pry bar? Maybe he is afraid you will use his tools in ways that aren't intended? It was a good move on his part.

  2. Glory, Glory, Glory..I am so surprised you don't have your own tool box! Wendy does! You really need a tool box, a set of slip-joint pliers, a wire cutting plier, a hammer, a drill, (a nice little battery-powered one will do), some drill bits for steel, some drill bits for wood, (different) a measuring tape, a hack saw, a level, and a set of box end wrenches too with sockets! Don't forget a couple of good files to sharpen your shovels, and a good hatchet. You'll also need a Swedish brush axe to knock down brush out in the back 40, and a good pair of work gloves.

    Screwdrivers? You should have blade (straight) Robertson (square 3 sizes) and Phillips, the + shape in 3 sizes.
    I'm afraid that stuff won't fit in your basket, so get a nice steel toolbox., or you can get a quieter plastic one that will be just fine, won't make any noise so Tommy won't have to worry about what you're fixing eh.....hehe....

  3. That is true. I have been known to use things as they were never a potato peeler to tighten the screw on a pot handle...a fork to plant seeds...and salt shakers to hold burning incense sticks. You'll never know what I'll come up with.

  4. A basket bouquet of screwdrivers - that's our Glory.


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