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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unexpected snow squall

We had a burst of snow on Saturday...what one might call a squall. Huge fluffy snowflakes fell steadily for about an hour or two.

It was a pretty sight and when it was all done, it only covered some grassy areas. I tried to take a few photos to show you, but as it turns out, snow doesn't photograph well. Must be camera shy!

I did manage to get one lonesome snowflake to fall on my sweater and I caught it card? Still not used to not saying film. I am showing my age, aren't I?


Don't know about you, but that don't look like the snowflakes we made back in the days of elementary school. I'm starting to think I had a very poor education. I'm quite certain most of you would agree!


  1. Nice snowflake. Looks like a double, doesn't that make it twice as nice?
    Great pics! You don't have much snow at all, how lucky! ":)

  2. Not sure it is lucky. The freezing ans thawing process is wrecking havoc here. I just saw some bulbs forced out of the ground...not good. A constant blanket of snow would be better.


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