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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why I love being a pack rat

You see, this is why I love being a pack rat. I had a problem and my pack-rat ways saved me the trouble of getting all miffed about it. What was the problem? Brandon stole all the rags out of my rag box. He ran out down in the shop and he has filthy pumps piling up which all need major cleaning, hence the need for rags.

He left me two lonely, little rags and that was it. Now if you know me...and you should by now...that's just not going to do! I am a frugal, environmentally conscious person and therefore every time the cats leave a mess for me, I don't automatically go for paper towels. Gees, a roll of paper towel can literally last me a year if not more. So, Brandon or Tom--oh, yeah, he's always taking my rags, too!--  are not the only ones in constant need for them.

So, what could I do? Well, I could go out to the hardware store and buy a bag of ten measly rags for some un-Godly amount of money. You have got to be kidding me if you think I'll do that! Or I could look for something I already have stashed away which can easily become rags. That's where my pack rat mentality comes in. I looked in my garden t-shirt drawer. What? Doesn't everybody have a t-shirt drawer full of t-shirts for wearing in the garden? No, I supposed that's just me, too.

Well, these not-so-pretty t-shirts were mostly from the year one...literally 2001 and some even older! Yes, these were some of my hand me ups from my kids. I think one of them was from Alexis when she was about eleven years old, one was Brandon's when he was in middle school, one was Justin's favorite Florida t-shirt from when he was seven years old or something like and another was Tyler's when he was ten. *Sidebar--I find it a bit off-putting to realize all my kids back then were close to my size now--end sidebar*

So, I took them out...there were at least eight t-shirts in all...and I cut them into serviceable sizes. That's a good pile of usable rags. I don't need no stinkin' paper towels! These I can use over and over, just tossing them into the wash and dryer and to then stack them neatly into my rag box, my very full rag box.

That is until Tom steals them again! I do believe I need more hand me ups.


  1. Glory, great post! This is one of the better recycling things that can be done. We keep containers of rags progressively recycled, first for house- cleaning & polishing, into the washing machine, then they get delegated to cleaning up serious messes, washed again, when worn out more, they get used for car washing, cleaning tools & yard work, gardening,and finally, into the garage for the worst cleanups and dirty, oily motor work!

    In times past people used to collect worn out clothing, bale them up and ship them to manufacturers or recyclers for shredding and recycling to some purpose.
    Now, most cloth that is "worn" is just discarded...but not at our house.

  2. That's because we are the smart ones!


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