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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zebrina: Gone but not forgotten

Thursday, January 26, 10:25PM. That was the time and day my oldest and dearest cat Zebrina slipped away from this world. She may be gone, but she is definitely not just took me this long to be able to give her a proper send off...or maybe not. It's starting to get a bit too blurry to write properly.

It was unexpected...kind of. She was rather old, sixteen by our calculations, and she was feeling poorly for several months. We did think the end was near...just not this near. I suppose all pet owners would say as much. Conny Manero, who is a great cat lover, told me Zebrina was just going over rainbow bridge to meet Charlie, Conny's cat, who had passed on not too long before Zebrina. It was a nice thought.

 I have told you before about Zebrina. She was my garden pal, always had been even before we could really call her our cat. I found her one day as she hunted moles in the front field and I told her she could do that all she liked. She wasn't friendly at first. She was wary which is understandable around here. In the country, cats are often shooed away and are considered least some folks think so. They call them barn cats, because that is where they mostly reside, keeping the mouse population down on the farms in the area. They provide a useful service, but they are often neglected. That is how it is with stray cats. You can stay just as long as earn your keep.

There are plenty of both mice and cats in the country. We always see strays in our yard and we can assume they mostly come from the horse farm which abuts our property. We assumed Zebrina came from there too, although, we have since learned there is another Maine coon cat just down the road which most likely was her mother. People have a tendency of dropping off any kittens which have no homes at the horse farm. If you want a free cat, that's where you go.

We always tried to find good homes for Zebrina's kittens. Yes,Zebrina had a few litters. We had no clue she was pregnant when she decided to accept us as her humans. That was an adventure which I should write about some time. She was definitely an outdoor cat and she never let us forget it! Keeping her in was torture--more for her than for us-- so, we made the mistake of letting her out when we shouldn't have done so. We didn't know how quickly cats could get pregnant after one litter was born. OY! A learning experience indeed!

Zebrina tells her tale...I mean, I was right the first her own words...kind of. Okay, so she dictated it to me. She was just too busy chasing down moles and field mice to bother typing down her stories. She gives a cat's perspective on life which only she could do and she even told me of her life before she came to us, her beginnings.

Sorry if this is a bit-- or a lot-- disjointed, but it wasn't done all in one shot...couldn't do it that way.


  1. Cats can do that to a person. Integrate themselves into your life and they are really missed when gone. You post makes me appreciate our Dumpster a little more. Even if the little fur ball loves my wife and sister in law and totally ignores me unless they are busy or not home.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Zebrina. I guess some time had to pass before you could write this.
    It was the same with Charlie. When he first passed away, the wound was too raw and too painful.
    I hope you're feeling better now and can make peace that Zebrina moved on to a better place. Yes, your place was good, but Rainbow Bridge is even better.

  3. Wonderfully written tribute to Zebrina, Glory. All pets are missed, and the special characters among them leave a hole in our lives when gone. I say --remember Zebrina with love as you get on over to the horse farm and get another one which may well be a revised Zebrina. You'll know her love immediately. They do have nine lives after all, and fill up BIG holes in our hearts really fast! There's a lot more to this life than people think! ":)

  4. Zebrina was and is well-loved by you and your tribute here is wonderful. xx Hugs


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