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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crocheted ponytail holders

It’s Craft Tuesday, the day we take for talking crafts. Sewing, crocheting, knitting and other crafts save my sanity while the garden sleeps.

Okay, so you know those plain stretchy circles we all have which hold back our hair while cooking, cleaning or --this is big for me--while out in the garden? Well, I only have about a thousand* of them and boy, are they boring! So, I found this nifty way to make them not-so-boring. You just crochet a covering onto your ponytail holders!

At times long hair gets in the way

So if you want to make one, I'll show you how to do it. It's super easy if you know your basic crochet stitches.

1. Take a crochet hook--any size will do-- and a tiny bit of yarn, color of your choice. I don't quite know how much yarn you'll need, because it depends on the size of your ponytail holder, but it won't be much at all.

2. I took a rather large hook J and used worsted weight yarn, but you can use any you wish.
3. Make a slip stitch and place on the hook.
4. Place the ponytail holder on the hook, yarn over.
5. Work a single crochet. Now you have the ponytail holder kind of trapped.

6. Keep making single crochets all the way around fitting in as many as you can. Remember that this thing is supposed to stretch so add more than you think is needed. To know if you have enough, stretch out the ponytail holder a bit and if you still see it through the stitches, you need to make more single crochets.
7. Once you get to the end, slip stitch to the beginning stitch, first row done.
8. Chain 3 and work 1 double crochet in each single crochet from the first row.
9. At the end of row, slip stitch to beginning chain 3 and bind off.

There you have it! Your very own crocheted ponytail holder. Aren't they cute? Well, I think so. They'd make nice stocking stuffers. Yes, I do realize it's a bit late for Christmas, but it's not too early to think about those Easter baskets, is it? I didn't think so! 

This one took me all of 15 minutes to make, so I made another one. Super easy to do, so you can literally have a rainbow of colors to match any outfit in little over an hour. Well, that's two down for me and 998 more to go. I better get going.

*Really? Do you truly doubt that I have a thousand ponytail holders? Then doubt no more... Ye of little faith.

That's only a handful I swiftly snatched out of my big bucket of hair thingies for the picture. Will I crochet covers for all of them? I doubt it, but I will do a few more. It's kind of addictive to make these!


  1. Good for you! My hair is short now so no need of ponytail holders, crocheted or otherwise. These are cute and yes, would be great in bright and cheery spring colors to pop into an Easter basket.

  2. Gotta love crochet, right Glory? Great project you've shared here.

  3. If you get the large ones they are cute as a bracelet.

    1. Hey, you're right! I may make a couple for my niece.


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