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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First day in the garden 2012

On Saturday I knew I should be writing the next chapter for Violet's in Bloom--it was due for publication on Monday, after all--but I just couldn't stay inside. The sun was shining, the crocuses were calling to me, and so it became obvious that this was to be the first day in the garden 2012.

Oh, what a lovely day! Warm as anything and I was so eager to get out there I didn't even change into proper garden garb. Yes, I just went out there as I was. Imagine that!

What I first did was take a picture or two. The Mock orange shrub was budding up...
Stem of Mock Orange shrub

 as was the fountain cherry tree...
Fountain Cherry Tree

I noticed the Sedum Autumn Joy sprouted almost overnight. That means I better clip those spent stems pretty darn quick...or whenever I get the chance. It's hardly the most important thing.
Sedum Autumn Joy

I found this lovely patch of Forget-me-nots in the dappled shade of the Yoshino cherry tree...not blooming yet, but getting ready to do so.

So, after checking what was going on, I decided to weed the closest garden to the house which happens to be the defunct herb garden. Why is it defunct? Well, just look at the dreadful state its in!

I got out my long-dormant bucket of tools, my two sit-upons--Fear not,  I plan on showing you how I made those-- and several empty pots for the weeds and spent foliage.

The only evidence I have to show this actually is an herb garden is this chive which I stupidly snipped for dinner before taking the photo. Sorry! It wasn't supposed to be on that side of the barrier anyway.

This is the Japanese Iris bed where the chives decide to grow-- odd things are happening with the Irises which I'll tell you about tomorrow.

It looked far improved after a bit of weeding and such. All that was growing so far was chives and lemon balm. I thought it was weird that I could not see any Tansy, but then I recalled I may have moved it...just don't remember where...

 I'll tackle the clematis and periwinkle bed some other time. See where the crocus are popping out on the other side of the herb garden? That is the clematis bed along the arbor. You can only do so much on your first day out in the garden in spring of 2012. It was good progress and it felt so wonderful to be out there playing in the soil. I highly recommend it!


  1. Kinda looked like my veggie and herb gardens. I never knew how invasive peppermint and spearmint can be. Hopefully I've got it all out, roots and all. Moved it to a big planter.

  2. I'll be very surprised if you don't get the mint growing back. It is IMPOSSIBLE to kill. But I like it fine. Makes great tea!

  3. OUR snow is finally gone, day lilies popping up too! Spring brings all kinds of surprises. Our thyme and oregano survives in the cold greenhouse, so does the peppermint and a wild spearmint which both invaded. We don't mind either of the mints, we harvest them more or less continuously, clipping green for salads and drying it for tea. ":)


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