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Monday, March 12, 2012

I Need a Genie in a Bottle

Yes, it seems I do need a Genie in a bottle to take care of all my spring wishes. I'll keep searching for it as I tell you about my wishes.

16. I wish my pretty weeds--this is a wild daisy in case you couldn't tell-- would be a bit more considerate and grow in the flower bed. Again this one sprouted in the gravel. ~Sigh~ More work for me.

17. I wish other people could feel the serge of happiness I feel upon coming across the first sign of spring...a tiny Crocus poking out of the ground. YAY!

18. I wish Mr. Rabbit--who is always hungry from all that procreating he does, no doubt!-- doesn't find this flower. If he does, it won't be around anymore.

19. I wish the bees show up soon. Don't know if I'll have many around my yard anymore. The beehives from the house down the road, have mysteriously vanished. Oh, dear!

20. I wish my greenhouse wasn't a disaster area. As it is, I'll have to grow all my seeds on the dining room table.
21. I wish I had remembered to pluck the seeds off this plant before I put it outside on the porch. Pretty sure they're no good now, but that's not going to stop me from planting them anyway. If they grow, fine, if they don't, oh well. It's not like I don't have a zillion other seeds.
22. I wish I had an endless supply of bark mulch. I so dislike the look of bare soil. Looks like failure to me.

Well, so much for all that wishing. Now it's time to do something to make them come true. I never did find that Genie in a bottle and I'm rather certain I never will. That mean I have to be the Genie.


  1. Glory, you have crocuses up already. Wendy is soooooo...jealous. Spring will come sooner or later, we wish! ":)

  2. You had a proper winter, Raymond, which I envy. No, I don't like the cold and the snow but a constant blanket of snow is very good for my plants and especially for the bulbs which keep poking out of the ground with all this freezing and thawing. UGH! Be brave and hold on, spring will come...always does. :-)


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