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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maples in Bloom

I'm betting you think I've said all there is to say about maples, but you'd be wrong. I never showed you maples in least I don't think so.
Maple in bloom

I noticed just a few days ago the faint reddish glow on the trees along the highway as I drove Justin to Lords Valley. That's all you need to see to know the maples are blooming. We're not talking fancy, large, fragrant blooms like Magnolias. You can't miss a magnolia in bloom, unless you were blind, and even then, you'd probably be able to smell them. it's a nice fragrance!

Star Magnolia
No, the maple bloom is much more subtle and barely look like flowers at all.

Maple blossoms

But they still have a sort of beauty to opinion, I suppose.

Maple tree

The flowers on maple trees are too subtle and too small and too insignificant for most people to care about. The thing is though, I'm not like most people, so I do care. I do like them and I do appreciate them every spring when the trees in the woods and on the hills take on that faint reddish glow.

I like maples in bloom. I'm just funny that way.


  1. Glory, you are right on, our sugar maples are blooming too, and yes,they're weird but beautiful. You're not weird, I like everything and anything that is brave enough to bloom! Hm...I wonder if that star magnolia gets seeds...":)

  2. Everything blooms in its own season. Your post about blooming maples is a gentle reminder of each unique bloom. Caught me thinking about symbolism with this one...oh, to while away the day and get lost in my thoughts...


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