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Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Spring Wishes

We'll jump right in with the spring wish list I started yesterday.

6. I wish Sedum Autumn Joy was as prolific a spreader as my other sedums. I also wish I could remember to help it along by snapping off pieces and planting them wherever I like. Just don't seem to remember to do that.

7. I wish I had gotten the chance to mulch all my flower beds before cold, rainy weather set in last fall. Some of my newly planted bulbs were forced out of the ground with all the freezing and thawing that went on this winter. UGH!

8. I wish I could make up my mind when to do it and just divide this clump of Arum Italicum. There never really seems to be a good time.

9. Oh, how I wish I could start clearing away some of this spent material from my Japanese Iris patch, but I know it's just too early and any snow falling in March--and there definitely will be some, I don't care what the weather people or a stupid groundhogs says-- will likely harm the precious green shoots which are just starting to poke out now.

10. I wish the snow wouldn't melt and puddle around the Abby-Julie Friendship rose garden. It's just standing there! Not going anywhere, melting, re-freezing at night and melting again to cause more trouble. OY!

I do believe I have a few more wishes. I'll save those for tomorrow.

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  1. Glory, awe, it looks like you have the spring blahs ---and some of those mucky delights that accompany spring. About the standing water, tough to do anything right now, but come summer, consider raising the bed a bit, or digging a French drain around the perimeter of that bed --assuming there's some place to drain the water away.
    Bulbs being pushed up by the freeze/thaw cycles suggests the soil is too wet there too, it might be necessary to consider raising beds if there's no drainage available otherwise, raising them even 6 or 8" would be enough to solve that problem ":).
    Btw, you can divide Arum any time because of the root structure, just whack it in half. At least you don't have 2' of snow on top of it! ":))


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