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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Spring Wish List Keeps Going

 Well, don't you know, I just keep finding more to add to my spring wish list.

11. I wish more plants were as obligingly self mulching as my daylilies. The new spring shoots just wiggle through all that spent material, stalks and foliage and leave a perfect mat to hold down weeds. Makes life so easy! All that beauty with hardly any work!

12. I wish this Wisteria tree had been planted anywhere but its current place of honor in my blue flower bed. Unless I can get a blue flowering vine to grow intertwined with it, it'll never be blue to earn its keep. I have been trying to get Blue Morning Glories to grow on it, but the leafy canopy doesn't seem to allow enough sun to get to the vine-- I also wish it would acquired a better shape than this, but the fault lies in the less-than great pruner--ME!

13. I wish the Yoshino ornamental cherry tree would cease to have all its roots raise to the surface and allow useless water spouts to pop up. It's annoying to have to continually cut them out only to have them grow again. Like I don't have enough to do?

14. I wish I had noticed all these crossing limbs when this tree was younger. It's going to be quite a job cutting them out. I'll have to use a hacksaw or something like. My pruners won't do the job anymore.

15. I wish the gravel walkway wasn't so fertile. It would have been so nice if this Foxglove had germinated in the planter box where its mommy came from. Silly Foxglove!

Sorry, I thought I could finish my wish list today, but I have more photos, time you'll get more wishes, whether you want them or not!

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  1. Glory, your bushes are doing exactly what they are meant to do; schmooze, be happy, and take space. That nice wisteria trunk sure would make a good pseudo-trunk for a 'ya ever decide to cut it down, that is.
    In fact, that wisteria could be made into a
    No doubt day lilies are the easiest! ":)


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