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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Spring Wish List

It was a sunny day on Saturday and though the wind picked up through the afternoon I went into the garden just to see whatever was there to see and I came up with my spring wish list. Want to hear it? Of course you do!

1. I wish to be overrun with so many flowers--Black-eyed Susans in this case-- that the weeds would have no place to sprout.

2. I wish my Sedums would stay within the barriers of the flower beds, instead of creeping out to grow wildly in the walkway.

3. I wish the sterile seeds from the flowering peach tree would fall on the nice fertile soil to sprout as it might, instead of falling in the gravel walkway, where it looks unsightly and serves no useful purpose.

4. I wish Lord and Lady Baltimore--my red and pink hibiscus plants--would flower a bit earlier in summer so I could collect more of their seeds. This pathetic little seed pod is all I found!

5. I wish more plants were as hardily green through winter cold as is this Adam's Needle Yucca. Of course, this plant shouldn't be here at all. I dug it out two years ago going a good two feet down into hard-pan clay to get out what I thought was all the roots of this plant...only to have it grow back! Guess I missed some, huh?

Oh, but I love my garden which no one can deny has a mind of its own!

I'll continue the spring wish list tomorrow.


  1. We only have less than 2 weeks till the start of spring...
    They have medication for cabin fever.

  2. Cabin fever huh? We still have 2' of snow, although it was melting a bit yesterday. I cannot wait for spring. I'll put "spring" on top of my wish list. Every year spring seems so far away, I have to put it on my BUCKET list instead. ":)

  3. Raymond I was refering to Glory's article


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