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Monday, March 5, 2012

Reminiscing about summer

I came across some photos I thought I had lost. They are of an impromptu visit we took to Scranton Park one lazy Sunday in summer. I looked through the photos and I started reminiscing about summer. I thought I'd share them with you in case you were longing for carefree, warm days as I am.

Last time we had been to this park this tree house and walkway was not here. It's a beautiful spot and if Tom knew how to relax for more than a minute at a time, we might have stayed here longer. As it was running water could be heard from here and off we went to look for it.

We spotted the gorge through the trees and the glimpse of the waterfall was enticing on this hot-hot day.
I love rivers, don't you? There's just something about them.

Of course, I love my Tommy, too, especially when he's this happy and carefree.

I like rushing waterfalls as well. Even in summer the water runs pretty-darn cold.

We stopped for a few minutes to watch these adventurous kids jumping into the gorge. Knowing Tom I had the suspicion he wished to join them, but I nixed that straight away. I had to give Tom the evil eye telling him with no words no way in hell he should even think of doing that. Lucky for me he seemed content to watch a few boys drop in and thankfully reemerge unharmed.

Then we went off to continue our walk and what should I find on the path...

An oak sapling which just begged to be given a chance to grow to be so much more. We almost trampled on it, but I would never do that if I could help it. So, I took the little darling home, but alas, it didn't make it. Ah, well, better luck next time. As for now, I dream about another summer day where we can steal away and take a leisurely hike through yonder woods. T'is what summer reminiscing is for, after all.


  1. Nice treehouse. So when are you going to be featured on Post Office bulliten boards?

  2. Great pics, Glory! We would have jumped into the water...":)


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