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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tomatoes made it through the winter

 It's a miracle indeed, but the tomato plants I brought in for the winter, the very same ones which gave me a few tomatoes, kept me busy all winter and took over my kitty cat's favorite sunny spot made it through the winter and into spring. YAY!

They don't look too pretty--matter of fact they look pretty bad!-- but so would you if you didn't have enough sun nor enough room to spread your fingers and toes--leaves and stems for the plants.

Well, one bright as sunshine day with temps around the mid 70s, I took them for a well deserved outing. I put them out onto the porch. No worries. I brought them in again before sundown. Hey they lived this long so you better believe I ain't about to risk them dying on me now!

They did come with a few surprises though. Yes, I know I tell you about all the surprising things I find in the garden, but even my house plants can astonish, it seems. Maybe I'm just easily shocked?

Anyway, I found a tiny Marigold plant growing in the pot with the largest of the tomato plants. That isn't too much of a shock. For whatever reason--probably me being too lazy-- I had a few marigold seeds lying around from when I was trying to over-winter a marigold and instead it went to seed. One of the seeds must have...decided to grow? Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me...but I ain't swearing to it!

I was also a bit amazed how long the stems were getting.

This one snapped off of the second biggest plant. Ah, well, I'll just stick it in water to root it too. You just can't have too many tomato opinion of course.

Gees, Louise, there is another flower on this one. I pollinated it with my q-tip like I did the others. Why stop now, I figure.

I did get kind of pathetic looking ones this time, but really, I'm lucky to get any!

Yuck, you see that? Those are white flies and they made the leaves all sticky. I had to spend a couple of hours cleaning the window sill and the windows to get that sticky stuff off. I wanted to spray the plants too, but I ran out of time. Tom needed all sorts of paperwork sporatically that day.

And look at this! I really don't know how this happened. That is a tiny catnip plant growing in one of the pots. Have no clue...not a one.

Well, that's my tomato plants all ready to go out in the garden...too bad the garden isn't ready for them. I still have beds to build up and stuff before I can even think of planting these babies out there in the cold cruel world.

But I'm happy! It's not every year that you can say, "My tomatoes made it through the winter!"

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  1. Glory, that's great! If they got too long and leggy, you can bury them deeply or lay them sideways (trench-like with the top sticking out) in the garden soil for a SUPER root system when it's warm enough to put them outside. I am still surprised to hear you can ROOT tomato branches! We use a few drops of dormant oil, a couple of drops of dish soap in a water spray for whiteflies.
    Good stuff! Great post! Great pictures! You keep getting better and better! ":)


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