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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tommy and I play hookey

Last Friday Tommy took me to work with him which you would already know if you follow me on Facebook. He said he would only be an hour tops and then we could go to Longwood Botanical Gardens to see spring start to make an appearance. And so we did!

We weren't even out of the parking lot when we saw these lovely Daffodils brightening things up.

Tom suggested a walk around the Pinetium where we know they have a zillion naturalized spring blooming bulbs. Here we saw crocus and winter aconite--not to be confused with Aconitum which you should know if you've been here long enough--or if you listen a bit better than Harry Potter and his pal Ron Weasely to Professor Snape you'd already know its nickname of Wolfsbane. But I digress.

These are Amur Adonis which I don't recall ever seeing before, or perhaps I was just so delighted with the start of spring that I didn't notice they were NOT Winter Aconite. They do look rather similar, you see. The foliage is the major indicator of different flowers. They are said to be in the buttercup family. Who says?
 Why, the nice little plague we found right beside them.

We found this lovely hillside which leads in a round-about way to the Clarion tower and the woodland garden, this huge patch of Helleborus or Lenten Roses. They are just the prettiest little things!

 I'm going to go check on my own woodland garden and see if my Helleborus are blooming yet. A bit early but you never know with Helleborus!

The photo doesn't show very well, but all the grass hills along the pinetium path are full of tiny spring bloomers. It looks fantastic in pretty pale blue, pink and lavender in among the slowly greening grass...YAY for spring!

That was just a tiny bit of our playing hookey day. More to come!


  1. Long Wood Gardens is so beautiful....How lucky you are to go as often as you do.
    No better place to play hookey :)

  2. Reminds me that I need to take Marg up to Milwaukee for a few hours at the Mitchell Domes - same type of place as Longwood.

  3. What a great place to play hookey! Lovely flowers! We want some! .... * the snow continues to melt.....


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