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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tour of Longwood Flowers

If there is one thing Longwood Botanical Garden excels at it is flowers. Okay, they have extraordinary trees, wonderful shrubs, an orchard, berry patch and a veggie garden to die for, but flowers, baby! That's the ticket!
Blue Himalayan  Poppies
There are scores of perennial beds, annual beds, rose gardens, and a spring bulb display to boggle the mind, but before the weather is able to accommodate those somewhat tender flowers, we can see a floral bounty to satisfy any garden nut--even me--in the conservatory.

Asiatic Lilies

They are marvels at the art of forcing bulbs to bloom at particular, well placed times of the year.
Ranuculus and Tulips
They have flowers so rare no one living in this part of the hemisphere would venture to even guess their identities.
Red Passion flower vine

Even when you are  familiar with a flower, they can shock you with the size of the blossoms or the wild, unusual colors.

They have greenhouse blossoms which never get a place of honor in the formal gardens, but they must be used somehow or they wouldn't grow them. I'm thinking they are sold to florists shops or such.
Your guess is as good as mine!
You can't turn a corner without getting an eyeful of outlandish beauty.

Pink hydrangeas
I'm telling you, Longwood is all about the!

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  1. Wow! is right, beautiful flowers, Glory! Thanks for sharing these excellent pics! I have never seen the blue Himalayan poppies, pretty stuff! ":) ~R


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