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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tour of the Shade Garden

To make my first spring walking tour complete, I thought we'd visit the shade garden. Why do I call it a shade garden when all it looks like is a small wood with the occasion flower tossed in? Well, what else should I call it?

On the way there I walked through the spot we still affectionately call the "under the birches" place. That's what we called it back when we first bought the property and saw this lovely stand of birch trees. Little did we know they were nearing the end of their lives and now I believe we have three sickly trees left out of something like seventy-five. We still don't know what to call it, so now we refer to the spot as "where the birch trees were". No, not very imaginative at all.

Forsythia is what I have planted there now and this one was just kinda thinking of blooming.

I found these daffies in the shade garden....

...and my one and only surviving Helleborus. I had two but one died, bother! I do wish they would propagate some.

I wonder if they are a short lived perennial. Could be. I'll have to read about it and get back to you. In any case I wish fro some different more vibrant colors. I'll have to see if I can buy seeds for them.

I found a tiny blue periwinkle among the fallen leaves. Soon the whole forest floor will be dotted with blue.

I also found several fallen tree branches, although I could not discern from which trees they dropped. Well, I can't do anything with them, so I'll have to get the burly boys to take care of them...some day.

I found a stray mushroom-fungus sort of thing growing on a stump.I usually ignore those, but this one I found interesting. Had it wintered over and was it alive or had it grown in the early spring like weather? I just didn't know.

Well, the tour of the shade garden was not so thrilling but it's still early.

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