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Friday, March 16, 2012

Trees, Trees and More Trees!

I told you about our recent day at Longwood but I only showed you tiny little spring blooming bulbs. Now it's tree time.

Do you recall when I showed you my pin oak tree and I told you how they often keep their leaves well into winter? Well, this oak tree--Tom insists it's an English oak, but I'm not at all certain of that--at Longwood has nearly all its leaves. The point is, I wasn't making up stories...for a change.

You'll know what a tree geek I am because I love gnarly roots. This is one of the smaller beech trees we saw while strolling around  and passed the pinetium. Yes, they have deciduous trees mixed in with pine and other evergreens. Go figure!

In a few weeks the leaves will cover this and then the skeleton of the tree will be gone from view. I won't cry about that!

The pinetium has impressive silvery-blue atlas those!

Another tree I love at Longwood, Paperbark maple. Why?

Exfoliating bark of course!

Way cool and pretty, too.

Tom liked this one, but he was wrong identifying it. He thought it was a Larch, but I knew better. It's a Dawn Redwood.
Look at that Funky trunk! Raymond, the bonsai guy, would surely appreciate it.

Tommy had to sniff the cherry blossoms, even though I told them they had no least I can discern no scent. Tom has a super-sniffer, however, which is probably why he tends to sneeze so much.

This is a rare sight...a yellow berried Holly! I'm sure you're used to the red-berried ones--especially at Christmas time-- but this is different and you might never have seen one, so I had to show it to you.

I told Tom cherry trees look better from afar, so I took this shot. Too bad it wasn't sunny just as I took it and it didn't come out well. oh, bother!

This was not outside but instead in the rose room in the conservatory. It is called a chenille plant, but I like to call it a Truffula in the Lorax. Don't you think it kind of sort of looks like it? Those fluffy, soft flowers at just so lovely!

I don't quite recall what this was called but I liked it...exfoliating bark again...just nuts for it!

Tom pointed out the deadly sharp needles on this palm tree in the tropical room. I was surprised I had never seen it before. I'd only been in this palm sanctuary a zillion times. Just proves you always see something new even at a botanical garden you've been to forever.

This is Tommy most favoritest place in the conservatory, the Plumery. Espalier Nectarine  trees which bear the loveliest flowers and subsequently fruit grow here. It's a beautiful sight when they first bloom with cute little cyclamens growing at their feet.

Tommy always wants to steal one from here, but I never let him. It's not like stealing a leaf or seeds, after all.

So, that was the short tour of the trees of Longwood. Hope you liked it. I know I can never get enough of trees...just like the Lorax.

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  1. Wow, Glory! I'm impressed! I cannot EVER see enough trees either, no matter what! Great post, beautiful pics, and yes, that trunk would certainly be a fantastic bonsai! Unique trunks, defined buttress 'gnarly roots' and mature 'exfoliating bark' type features are all highly desirable for excellent bonsai specimens! Longwood looks like an amazing place, we have a conservatory here with beautiful stuff in it too, but it's closed temporarily, I would LOVE to visit your Longwood conservatory some day! Thank you so much for sharing, Glory! ":)


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