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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Wonders of Blogging

Little did I know when I started Glory's Garden that I would make such friends from all over the world. The wonders of blogging are many, but it's the fact that I can reach from right here in my modest Pennsylvania home to all corners of the world...and make friends while I'm at it! It truly is a small world now. I'd like to introduce you to some of my pals.

Yes, some of these friends are perfectly normal--thank you very much!-- and some are wacky as can be--Sneak on over to see what Mac Pike is up to in  Uncle Mac's Garden Shed if you question me on that! While others are somewhere in between. It is, however, where they are all from that boggles the mind.

They are not all right here in good old Pennsylvania, just a hop, skip and a jump away like Julie Helms and her Wooly Acres. No, she's just the first one I've met in far. I have come very close to meeting others, but just never got around to it...yet!

Julie's goat Poptart with her two new babies

Where do these other pals hale from? All over! I can count as friends some as widely spread out as Oman--didn't even know it existed in the middle east until Mandy Dcosta came around with her Mandy's Pages website for writers--  Somerset, Great Britain where Charlotte Howard pens a novel or two while raising her two cutie little kids and then there's Chris West who makes me laugh-- mostly on Facebook--all the way from Tasmania.
Part of Raymond's bonsai collection
 Across our northern border into Canada, we have Raymond Alexander Kukkee whom you should all know as the bonsai guy  from Incoming Bytes. Raymond also has a reputation for being a great gardener and--hold on to your glass of milk-- a cookie monster! One of these days I'm going to send that guy some cookies and perhaps he can send me some seeds. For what, I don't know and don't care. you know how much I love seeds! I'll smuggle the cookies into Canada somehow and he can do the same with some seeds--if he wants!
Mickey, Conny's feline buddy
Conny Manero also hails from Canada, Under the Toronto Sun. You know her from her sky-high balcony garden. She splits her time blogging about 9-5 work stuff,  writing novels and spending time in the Feline Corner where her kitties frolic about making trouble and occasionally inviting a passing kitty-- like my cat Zebrina when she went over the rainbow bridge.

MJ's Oopsy Daisy Crochet stitch
 Back in the states we have MJ Joachim in Arizona who splits her time between gardening in her arid desert climate, writing e-books,  having fun with Lots of Crochet Stitches and her website for humanity Effectively Human.

And then there's Dan Shaw who happens to be the reason I wrote this post in the first place. Dan who writes The Poor Man's Guide to Survival became very interested in my recycled denim series I wrote for Self Reliance Works. He was so impressed in fact, that he decided I could do far more. He was so certain of my endless abilities that he told me a list of other useful items I could try to make out of old denim jeans. But he didn't just tell me. Oh, no! He went out of his way to actually send me three pairs of jeans which he sent his wife Beth to go buy at Good Will. He sent them with instructions on what to make out of them. Talk about Chutzpa!

Denims by post?
Well, I did tell you I get all sorts of folks reading my blog and that's what amazes me about blogging. I have made loads of friends, all kinds. It takes all kinds, you see, to make the world go round and oddly enough, I often get the wackiest of the wacky. What fun!

Oh, and as for Dan's suggested denim projects, I'll be posting those on Craft Tuesdays. I love my readers!


  1. Glory, beautifully written, and a wonderful tribute to blogging! Thank you. Kudos to you, my friend! ":) ~R

  2. Blog on my friend, blog on! Can't wait to see what becomes of those jeans.
    'hugs from afar'

  3. To make a friend you have to be a friend and that comes across in your blog and your interaction with those who comment.


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