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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Crafting with Triangle Blocks

 Today, in keeping with our A-Z challenge C is for Crafting with triangle blocks.

Last Craft Tuesday I showed you how to make triangles out of squares. What I didn't show you is what to do with the triangle blocks once you did make them. That is what we're doing today, so get out your triangle blocks and get ready to play. I'm going to show you all the amazing designs you can make with just a few triangle blocks.
Sturdy denim potholders for Dan and Beth

Predictably, I made some into pot holders. I don't know about you, but I can never have enough of these. These denim potholders in particular are not for me or my kitchen, however. I made them to give away. So, let's get to the sundry ways to arrange your triangle block to form different patterns.

 This is the geese flying in one direction. Notice the dark triangles are all at the top left and the light triangle on the bottom right. Very uniform and straight forward.

This one is kind of haphazard when you first glance at it, but there is a definite pattern. Each diagonal block have to be opposite placed. That is to say, light triangles point to each other and them switch it to the dark triangle for the remaining two diagonal blocks, so that the dark triangles point to each other, as well.

Get it? It's a little tricky, but easy enough to do once you play with the blocks.

 This one should be easy. Just point all the dark triangles to the center with all the light triangles facing out. Is one is called a square in a square, because a dark square is formed on point almost as if it was placed on a larger light square.

Now here you have the negative image of the square within a square. All the lights are pointing in and the darks pointing out. Now you have a light square on point and with a larger dark square. Nifty what a flip of the triangles can do, huh?

This is the classic pinwheel. To do this one can be tricky. You have to make sure all the dark triangle face the correct way and point in the center. The pinwheel can be switched around by flipping the triangle blocks around. Play with this one to get the hang of it.

I like to call this one the hourglass. You notice the dark triangles form the top of an hourglass and the same in done on the bottom. The mirror  image can be found by a quarter turn on the finished block. then you would see the light triangles forming the hourglass. Pretty cool.

This I call slanting trapezoid, although I'm not exactly certain that dark rectangular shape is actually a trapezoid. Slanting rectangle?
 Whatever, you wish to call it, you should play with this option to see what you come up with. You can make the top and bottom rows match as they are here or switch the direction on one of them and get opposing slanting. That would be interesting!

 So, that is what you can make with all those denim triangle blocks. Quite a few ways to arrange them for all manner of quilt designs. And if you are so inclined to be adventurous, you can mix a couple of different block patterns in one quilt project and come up with something totally unique. What fun!

I hope you try this and then you'll see what a few triangles can do.


  1. Lovely quilt!

    found you on the a to z, will be back to read more!

    check out my blog too if you get time.


  2. Hey, I might even be able to handle that... if I still had my sewing machine, I mean. I can't sew clothese to save my life, but I can do straight lines and am pretty decent with shapes!

  3. Great to see you two here. Anyone can do this, even with no sewing machine. It's fun too. I'll check out both your blogs! :-)

  4. Wonderful C post, you certainly are talented.I will be back for sure,


  5. Isn't it cool what you can do with a few triangles? I made chick quilts pieces using paper with my kindergartners...they loved it!

    Happy A-Z April!

  6. It occurs to me that the sewing machine is unused at 2 am and the good wife is fast asleep...

  7. Ooh, Mike is asking for trouble....all I'm saying! LOL

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