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Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eliminating Stress by Glory Lennon

For April's A-Z Blogging Challenge E is for eliminating stress, Tommy stress to be precise. No-no-no! I don't get stressed from Tommy. I'm talking about getting rid of his stress, and boy does he have stress! He simply works too much, but occasionally I can help with that.

Like just recently he had to take a trip down south a ways to North Carolina and then onto South Carolina. Driving all that way is stress enough, but he also had to work once he got where he was going. So me going along with him helped. It didn't make the trip any shorter but I do tend to entertain him a bit...when I manage to stay awake.

The first one was to drop off a Helium Leak detector and to show them how to use it and the other was to perform a leak test at their facility. In between all the driving we had a few stops like at the Daniel Stowe botanical garden and a short visit with my brother and another longer visit with Tom's mother and sister.

Mostly, according to Tom, his best stress reliever is me. Yeah, I know, how silly is that? But he swears I do more to stop him from imploding than anything else. I keep telling him that may be because he hasn't tried anything else. But then do I really want him to do as others do?

Let's see...Tommy doing drugs, drinking to excess and running around chasing skirts or Tommy snuggled on the couch with me and Calisto-- his feline stress reliever? That answers that!

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  1. The right spouse in the right place at the right time is the right solution for the elimination of stress, no doubt about it! Tommy is very lucky, it seems! ":)


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