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Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for God and Gardeners by Glory Lennon

 G is for God and gardeners. Not certain if it is allowed in the A-Z blogging challenge to use two words for a letter, but I simply couldn't separate God and Gardeners. In my feeble mind they just go sunshine and flowers, rain and waterfalls, clover and bunnies. Well, I think you get what I mean.

God is a very personal thing, so I'm not going to preach. You either believe or you don't. That's fine. There are those who seem to think you mustn't believe in God if you don't go to church.Well, all I can say about that is not all churches are good and not all people feel welcome in them.

In the garden, however, everyone is welcome and God is ever present, whether you know it or not. Gardeners know it. Why do I say that? Because gardeners are constantly exposed to miracles.

Take the seed for example. Seeds are the simplest form of a miracle. Just think about it. A tiny little speck--some are as big as a coconut, but there are many which can barely be seen they are so small-- and what happens to it once it hits soil, gets a bit of rain and some sunlight?

You get a plant. That plant could be quick growing, stay small and produce pretty flowers, and that in itself has God's signature all over it, but a more astonishing miracle is a seed no bigger than an acorn buried by a busy squirrel, and several decades later seeing a one hundred foot tall giant redwood tree come from it. WOW!

Some might not know it--gardeners do of course-- but plants are every day miracles. They give us beauty, to be sure, but also life sustaining food...

fresh, clean, crisp oxygen to breathe...

 ....and well-being. Have you ever stressed out while looking at a flower or daydreaming under a weeping willow? Yeah, didn't think so.

Now maybe you'll understand why I say if you don't see or feel God whenever you see a plant, a flower, or a tree, well, then perhaps you're not a gardener at all.


  1. Right now in the northeast early bulbs are blooming and leaves are coming out. Such an exciting time of year.

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Lovely! And that hibiscus is amazing! Have a very lovely Easter, Glory.

  3. Glory, this is a glorious post--no pun intended. Beautiful 'G' and great pics.

    To me, the wonders and miracles that happen in gardens every day confirm the presence of God in gardens and everywhere else. To a gardener, it is so obvious and it matters not what others may or may not choose to believe.
    Being out in the garden is wonderful and peaceful. What more could we ask, especially at Easter? Happy Easter to you, my friend. ~R


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