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Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hyacinths by Glory Lennon

H is for hyacinths for the A-Z blogging challenge. Don't you love them? These come out about this time of year in gardens, but many folks just like to have them in the house.

Why would they do that? Because you can usually find hyacinths in bloom in supermarkets and florist shops. It's the winter blues that makes people eager for spring and forcing bulbs like these is an easy way to bring spring a bit early.

I like them in the garden, even if they do get lost in the spent foliage left behind by last autumn. They often come out before anyone is willing to venture outdoors yet, too.

Their lovely perfume is great for freshening indoor space, but it can get a bit intense especially for those like Tom who sneeze at the slightest scent.

Of course, he's also the first one with his belly to the ground to get the first whiff of spring. That's my Tom!

The Grape hyacinths are out now as well. Alas they have no scent and are not nearly as showy as these Dutch Hyacinths.


  1. Hyacinths are one of my favorite flowers and I'm so happy I can grow them in my own garden - wasn't sure with our desert climate and all. However, they seem to do well, and even survived the hot summer months without being lifted from the ground, only to come back and bloom in January:) My blooms are all gone now, but the pictures of your blooms are beautiful. It's so lovely when a soft breeze blows, sending that pleasing scent of hyacinth flowers - simply gorgeous!

  2. Very pretty hyacinths, and a beautiful photo for your banner. I've grown these bulbs a few times, but in Texas you have to plant them in just the right spot and have just the right soil and sun. Mostly it's too hot...even in spring.

    Hope you'll have a chance to stop by CollectInTexas theme is A to Z Family flowers, but some neat Headstones for the letter H.

  3. Ooh, Texas would be tough indeed for bulbs, but not impossible. May seem nuts to you but You could always refrigerate the bulbs and plant them after the hottest part of year has gone by (or in pots for indoor use) and they should grow and bloom all right. Worth a try anyway! I'll zip on over to Your Texas Gal site!

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  5. They make my husband sneeze too, so I have to enjoy them outside. :)

  6. They are one of my all-time favorite bulbs. I can grow them indoors or out, but I prefer them indoors. The utterly sweet smell of them remind me of a perfume my great-grandmother wore.

    Yours are beautiful, Glory.


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