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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Julie's Kids

The A-Z Blogging Challenge continues with J and J is for Julie's kids.

I said I would tell you about our visit to Wooly Acres to see Julie's kids, so let's start with the goat kind.

There is an influx of kids for Julie this year, possibly more than she's ever had. Six new babies!


This is one of the mommy goats, Toffee. She loves attention and seemed to resent that we weren't taking photos of her. So, here she is.

 You can't go to Wooly Acres without seeing a sheep or two. Just a while ago they were super fluffy and now look at them. They're all skinny and hairless...or is it wool-less? Julie gets a nice chunk of change for each fleece bought and those extra fluffy ones may get even more. Good luck, Julie!

 Here I think is another of the mommies, but she was shy. She just wanted her kids who were on the other side of the fence ignoring her.

Julie named these kids the most adorable names, but don't ask me to tell them apart. I'm not good keeping human names straight, so goats and sheep will fare even worse.

Winken, Blinken and Nod are the triplets from Toffee. The twins are Fluff and Nutter --don't you love that?--and I think they came from Poptart.  The single birth came from a new mommy, and yes, I forgot her name and her baby's as well. OY! Julie will have to tell you over at Wooly Acres. You can even see the whole birth if you are so inclined. I do warn you they are a bit graphic.

The kids were frolicking and bouncing around like...well, like little kids! They were so cute. A few of them already have homes and once they are weened they will go to them to become cherished pets. I suppose that means they are only Julie's kids for a little while. Good thing she has a human kid still at home. That would be Cassie. Pity, I didn't get a picture of her. She's a cutie too!

On a side note: J also is for Justin whose 24th birthday is today.
Newborn Justin held by Alexis and admired by Brandon
Happy birthday Justin!


  1. Oh, they're terribly cute! It's nice to meet you! I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Come on by and say hi sometime!

  2. I will, Nancy! Thanks for coming here.

  3. Cute kids, lovely approach for this article, Glory! ":)

  4. I'm glad I encountered this post. I "squeed" throughout. :D

    -Barb the French Bean


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