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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Overstuffed

In the next thrilling installment of our April's A-Z Blogging Challenge O is for Overstuffed.

Some have over stuffed closets...that would be me, determined pack rat that I am.

Some are a bit overstuffed in the belly. Justin* tells us at least he's skinny in the back. He cracks us up!

Some may say my garden is overstuffed with flowers, particularly peonies. As if that's possible!

 Some others are overstuffed with work. My poor Tommy and Brandon have more than enough of that!

I happen to be constantly overstuffed with ideas for stories. Pity I'm not equally overstuffed with time to write them all down.

Some folks are overstuffed with worries--the poor dears--and others are overstuffed with good fortune. Wouldn't it be nice if we could hook up the ones overstuffed with worries with the one's overstuffed with good fortune? One could help the other. Would make the world a bit better place, don't you think?

So you see, this is an overstuffed world.

What are you overstuffed with? Love? Jelly beans? Termites? Cookies? Terror? Jealousy? Let me know.

* For newcomers to Glory's Garden Justin has Autism and tends to see things through the eyes of an innocent. He's our cutie that way!


  1. Glory, if it's not jellybeans, you get three more guesses. They are oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and gingerbread. ":)

  2. I know you'll just love this...Vida Guerra's bikini is....overstuffed! Nice post Glory!


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