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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Queen of the world by Glory Lennon

 The A-Z Blogging Challenge hasn't bored you yet I hope, because it's going onto Q now and at Glory's Garden Q is for Queen of the world. 

*Sidebar-- shameless self promotion begins now! You have been warned--end sidebar.*

What's that you say? You think I'm talking about me? Silly you! I'm not the queen of the world. Violet is. That is to say, Victor believes her to be the queen of his world. Who are Violet and Victor? Why just the main characters of Violet's in Bloom my serialized romance novel. There's a whole other blog for this story and everything!

Any of you who have written a novel (or short story), attempted to write a novel and/or dream of writing a novel someday may already know this, but I'll say it anyway. Characters within any story, at times, take on a life of their own. That is to say, the writer, in essence, loses control of her own story. Often, these characters, who, because of the close relationship between the creator and the created, become alternately intimate friends, alter-egos and/or jealous rivals.

I have to admit this is what happened with me and Violet's In Bloom.  My characters pretty much took over the project and the writer--me in this case-- is merely along for the ride. Perhaps we should call ourselves the narrator then? In any case, the writer of said novel may have had a clear vision of what the story involved, where the story was going and exactly what would happen throughout, but then an odd thing happens. The characters start dictating the storyline, deviating from the original score--sometimes completely!-- new characters never dreamed of before appear out of nowhere and become an intrinsic part of the plot shifting the story this way and that and...well, you can imagine. 

Or can you?
Victor proposing to Violet for the second time or it the third?

 Until you've tried it, perhaps not. But no matter. The point is, Victor always thought of Violet as a precious being whom he wishes with all his heart to one day make his own. Violet, on the other hand is trying with all her might to resist him and it's taken 110 chapters (they are relatively short chapters, a new one posted each Monday barring disasters like too much time spent gardening with little time left for writing) and still Violet's In Bloom is only three-quarters of the way to the end of the tunnel...if Violet and Victor do not make another twist in the endlessly curvy road which is my story.

Oh, did I mention there is an Alternate Violet? That is to say, someone--who shall remain slightly nameless-- decided to poke fun at what he called my never-ending epic and to shake things up even more by writing an alternate Violet storyline with an intriguing character by the name of Lacey Delacroix. As if Violet's in Bloom needed that! This person, who seems to reside in Uncle Mac's Garden Shed has a wicked sense of humor. I so loved this alternate Violet story that I even incorporated some of it as a dream for Violet...a rather disturbing one of the pineapple kind. You'd have to read it to understand.
Lacey Delacriox, not to be confused with naive little Violet

Ah, well, such is life when you allow the Queen of the World to take over your story. Can I even call it my story anymore? Your guess is as good as mine!


  1. Never having completed a novel, I can't relate. However, poetry with me takes on a life of its own sometimes. I have the concept in mind, but when I try to make it rhyme it goes elsewhere.

    1. I think it's the same concept no matter what you work on.

  2. (mumbles that blogger ate his comment) When the characters speak to you and come alive in your mind, and you can make others see and hear them the way you do, that turns writing into a passion and makes it all worthwhile.

    1. (I got both actually) I quite agree with you, Mike...well worth it.


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