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Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Spring in Fast-Forward

 A-Z Blogging Challenge is up to the letter S and S is for Spring in fast forward. How can spring come in fast forward. Well, I'll tell you!

Tom and I saw Spring in fast forward when we went down South. When we left Pennsylvania we had a few early spring bloomers like Forsythia, Daffodils,Star Magnolias and the Maples and ornamental Cherry trees had started to bloom as well.

 The hills around as we drove were still very much that dull gray of winter with only the reddish hue of the blooming maples to give any indication of spring.

If you follow me on Facebook--ain't gonna tell you again that you ought to-- you'll know about my meeting up with Julie Helms at the PennApic Beekeeper's workshop down in Franklintown-- a hop, skip and a jump from Wooly Acres.

 That's just a three hour drive from home, but all along the way you could see spring popping up in what seemed like fast forward. We saw things blooming which wouldn't bloom at our place for about three weeks. That means spring jumped ahead almost a month in only three hours!

Going further south to the Carolinas, we found ornamental Cherry trees already past their prime with petals on the ground and leafed out. Our Cherry trees are only just blooming now. All along the drive down we spotted Redbuds--*Sidebar-remind me to tell you about my campaign to get these ill-named trees renamed Magenta buds-End sidebar*-- in their spring time splendor. We won't see them blooming here for a good month and a half.

Of course, that meant we saw a regression of spring on the way back. Oh, that's no fun at all! We saw green-lovely green all around us; trees in full out leaf bright green grassy fields and crops already planted and coming up. It was glorious! Slowly but surely, though, the scenery became less and less green the further north we got.

Oh, horrors!I much prefer Spring in fast forward...I'm just funny that way!


  1. How beautiful! It rained so far this spring and today it is 80 degrees...I am loving it while it lasts...til the rain next week!
    Happy A-Z Saturday!

  2. Arrrgh....Glory, the regression back from spring must have been depressing! We got a few natural regressions without traveling.. It is SO nice to see spring arriving. ":)


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