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Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Tea

T is for Tea in our A-Z Blogging Challenge. What kind of tea? The herbal variety, of course, because that is what I like.

Wild Camellia sinensis AKA black tea

 I'm not at all certain I could even grow the regular kind. No, I'm sure I can't, not in my Pocono Mountain garden. Orange Pekoe, black and green teas are grown in warm temperate regions is my understanding. I'm sure I would need a heated greenhouse for such, and frankly, I can name several things other than tea I'm more interested in growing within a heated greenhouse.

 That, however, is neither here nor there. Tea is not just a drink for me nor is it for many people who choose to take their health into their own hands. I do believe there will be those saying, "There are good things in regular tea, too, antioxidant and such!" and I would have to agree. But the kind of medicinal herbal teas of which I speak have a much more direct effect on the drinker. That is to say, you can pick and choose your tea according to what ails you.

Ginger root

 Have morning sickness, dizzy spells, vertigo and/or high blood pressure? Try some Ginger tea .

Have a collicky baby or stomach discomfort? Try a tea made with  Fennel seeds.

Lady's Mantle
Want a soothing tea after a hard day at work? Lemon Balm tea to the rescue. Lemon balm is perennial, so you'll always have some in the garden.

When sleeplessness, anxiety and/or nervousness strikes try Valerian Tea.

For women who have monthly discomfort try Lady's Mantle tea.

If you wish to regulate your sugar levels naturally try a tea made with an apple and several cinnamon sticks. I could go on, but I think you see my point. Who needs pills when you can have a lovely medicinal herbal tea?

How to make an herbal tea is easy enough. Anyone with a pot, some fresh water and the herbs or roots--fresh is best of course, but dried herbs can be used in a pinch-- can make themselves a lovely tea with wonderfully soothing results and few is any side-effects.

Try to make yourself a cup of tea--herbal or otherwise-- it really doesn't matter which. Just the act of sipping a warm beverage is enough to soothe and relax the savage beast within us. Cool tea is nice too, though, on those super hot summer days. Ever place a few mint leave in with your iced tea? Yummy!

Chill out with some herbal tea. T is for Tea, after all.


  1. I find that an afternoon cup of hot tea, non-caffeinated, provides a nice break in the day.


  2. I'm a big tea drinker so i really enjoyed reading this post:)
    Happy A-Zing!

  3. Black tea with lemon and herbs, and even more so with spices like nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Good Post Glory

  4. I'm soooo ready for a cup of tea right now:)

  5. Great post, Glory, I like coffee, but sure do enjoy mint tea, apple/cinnamon, and nettle/cinnamon. ":)


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