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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Uncle Mac's Garden Shed

The A-Z Blogging Challenge takes a turn into the bizarre, the strange, the wacky with U. Why? Because U is for Uncle Mac's Garden Shed and if you've been anywhere near Uncle Mac's Garden Shed, you'll know there's no telling what you'll find there.

First, you might come across a fetching filly Uncle Mac likes to call Farm Girl. Yep, that's her name, just Farm Girl. While she fends off amorous advances from Uncle Mac (and possibly others) she often gives good gardening advice, informs us of the latest and greatest veggies, what new wonders Uncle Mac's got growing in the veggie patch and we might even catch her fishing. She's a rather well rounded more ways than say the least.

Then, we may find lurking in the garden shed an ever-so-slightly frightening individual Uncle Mac affectionately calls Leatherface who bares a slight resemblance to a horror film dude whose name escapes me at the moment--of course I may be purposely blocking out the memory. Anyway... He has his own feature and everything! Children's hour with Leatherface is fun for all. He alternately shows the young and young-at-heart all sorts of fascinating things like glow in the dark worms, How to fend off your typical garden pest-- and also the not-so-typical!

Did someone say doggerel?

Then there is the occasional and seemingly irrelevant post. It could be in the form of a short story with little--okay, okay! NOTHING whatsoever-- to do with gardening. It's still worth reading, though. You may come across an amusing poem or lighthearted doggerel here and there as well, but be forewarned! These are very likely to send you into peals of laughter which could awaken the dead. If you fear zombies, you may want to either muzzle yourself or have Leatherface along to keep you company.

Ermine of my dream

The feature entitled  Something dead for the shed  is not as ghastly as it sounds. It's rather fascinating actually! You'll be amazed at the dead things found hiding in that Twilight-Zone-ish Garden Shed. But fear not. Uncle Mac also shows us some of the cutest and most harmless live critters you'll ever want hanging around the garden shed.


Uncle Mac keeps his guests safe from harm from dead things, live critters, Leatherface and even Farm Girl. You can never tell where she's likely to park that rake and you might just find it with your nose!

 So, do yourself a favor and take a leisurely stroll down the garden path to Uncle Mac's Garden Shed. You'll likely to be surprised, learn a thing or two, and maybe even enjoy yourself. Unless you have an aversion to fun, learning and wacky puns, you'll be fine and dandy there. And that is why U is for Uncle Mac's Garden Shed.


  1. Glory I do not know what to say! Now I even want to read it. Terrific job by a terrific friend. :0)

    (Now if you'll excuse me I have to chase the giant ground sloth out of the limas)

  2. Glory, this is a great post! Now I want to read Uncle Mac's stuff too. And see Farm Girl and that cute doggerel puppy. I like veggies too, even though my primary diet is....":)

  3. Great "U" post! While I don't have a garden shed I don't think Farm Girl would be in there if I did have one... LOL. Loved the photos :)

  4. Great post, Glory...for a deserving blog too! Sloths and limas...will be checking out that post for sure:)

  5. a garden shed is a place where you can keep all those gardening tools and paraphernalia. It is also very ideal to have a garden shed if you wanted your backyard to be clean and well organized.

  6. How appropriate for U! I am so glad Mac joined the blogging ranks.

  7. I just looked at this a year later - still love it!


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