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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Violets

For the A-Z Blogging Challenge V is for Violets, but not just any Violets....Violet's in Bloom. I'll explain why at the end, but first...

When Doves Cry by Prince (or the artist formerly known as Prince or the Hieroglyphics which seemed to represent Prince for a while.)

Dig if you will the picture...

you and I engaged in a kiss...

The sweat of your body covers me...

Can you, my darling, can you picture this?

Dream if you can a courtyard,

oceans of Violets in Bloom,

Animals strike curious poses,

 they feel the heat, the heat between me and you...

This is the song from which I got the title for my novel Violet's in Bloom. Yes, I took the liberty of making it mean something totally different. The Violet in my story is a woman not a flower, after all. When Doves Cry is one of my favorite songs and I'm particularly put out by the fact that His Princeliness will not allow anyone to post his music on You-tube, so I'm unable to post a link to it, as I am wont on do. I couldn't even just listen to it! Boy, I was miffed! Any other singers who have covered this song...well, let's just say the few I found cannot do it justice. My musically snobbish opinion, of course!

Hold the presses! I just found one!

By pure accident and a bit of persistence I did find this one video with the actual music to When Doves Cry. The video doesn't at all go with the song and it's not the best quality, but that's hardly relevant. I found it somewhere and that's all that matters! Now I can carry on with the rest of the A-Z blogging challenge in that V is for Violet is complete...Violet's in Bloom, that is.

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  1. Very vibrant and creative V post, Glory:) Working with W will witness wonderful wows with wisitors...waiting watiently:)


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