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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yearning for Yarn

 Almost at the end of April's A-Z Blogging Challenge. We're on Y and Y is for yearning for yarn. Why would anyone--sane or otherwise-- yearn for yarn? Why don't you ask a crocheter or knitter?They certainly will tell you.

Ain't he cute?

Oh, but crocheters love yarn, all sorts...even Crooked Yarn! Did you know yarn can be used to make comfy-cosy blankies for pets? Ask Marie Anne who spends loads of her time crocheting for pets and their humans who might care to purchase her lovely yarn creations for gift-giving or for themselves.

Is it just me or is it really hot today?

We also love those who make it possible for there to even be yarn. Who would that be? None other than adventurous folks like those at Wooly Acres. Sheep, you see, grow a fleece so lovely, soft and warm that humans--crocheting ones in particular-- wish to use the wool for making scarves, blankets and hats.

Sans the heavy coat, it's all cool and restful
The sheep are happy about this arrangement. In the spring when weather starts getting uncomfortably warm, the farmer strips the sheep of their heavy coats and they sigh with relief--both of them! The sheep are once more cool and the farmer can sell the fleece for some cool cash.

Marie's bright dishcloths make washing dishes fun...almost?
That lovely wool is then spun into long strands and rolled into balls of yarn. Yarn! Lovely yarn! What you do with the yarn is totally up to the individual. You can make a nice pouch to keep your cell phone handy and safe from harm. You can keep your neck warm and your dishes clean with yarn creations. You can even keep your baby warm and happy in her own blanket. Really, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

How she do that?

Lots of Crochet Stitches constantly shows the sundry ways to use yarn, from the classic to the imaginative.

MJ--crocheter extraordinaire--ventures every once in a while into the garden for yarn inspiration. Clever MJ uses yarn to crochet flowers and posies. She creates a garden which never fades away. Nifty, huh?

Pretty purse
If you've been here for Craft Tuesday or stopped in the craft room, you may have figured out I have a thing for yarn, too. I can combine the garden with yarn--almost like MJ-- and make flower blocks to join together for an entire sunflowery afghan. I've also made useful gifts and slightly naughty things with yarn--only Tommy will see those, so don't ask!

Flowers every where!

I've even gone so far with this love for yarn, that I refuse to part with it even when the item I made is no longer useful...the yarn still is and can be recycled. Yes, I confess I reuse yarn! I made my cute crocheted ponytail holders with re-purposed yarn and they were fun to make and to use.
Gotta have yarn!

So you can plainly see why there is a constant yearning for yarn around here. We simply must have it. We must create with it. There just is no such thing as too much yarn! Keeps our fingers nimble and our hearts happy, yarn does. You ought to try it yourself.


  1. Yay for yarn! I'm sitting here looking at my stash and itching to start another project, and I have several going already!

    1. I was looking for a new pattern to try, just can't figure out what to do yet, but that won't last long. I gotta be making something all the time!

  2. This post is too fun, Glory! Thank you:) It's always a great part of my day whenever I visit Glory's Garden:)

  3. Nice way of sneaking my sunflower blog in there ... must be a hint to get working on it again ...

    I am also reminded of the purse I made when I was in school. I loved that thing, although other people snickered.

    1. No reminder, just saw the picture of the flower block I made and remembered you saying, "Can you make it into a sunflower?" Well, the answer was obviously YES!

  4. Never leave your unfinished project hanging off the couch where the cat can reach it. I recall an afghan that someone had nearly finished when the kitty found the new toy.

    Amazing how those things unravel...

    1. I don't know why my cats have never tried that...they must know Mama would not approve. I also keep my projects each in a safe protective bag when I'm not working on it.

  5. Yay for yarn! Have you ever spun the wool into yarn? My children's 4th grade classes got to go to Sutter's Fort and we had 24 hours of living/working like they did in the 1800's. We got to wash and card the wool and then spin it by hand....then we got to weave it on a giant loom. Very fun!

    Happy A-Z Saturday!

    1. Oh, that sounds like heavenly fun! Wish I had been there! I've always wanted to do it.

  6. Yarn is... an absolute necessity! In colors, weights, textures. Lovely picture of the woven skeins. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

    1. Nice to have you stop by. I'll run along and check out your blog. :-)

  7. congradulations on being the top result in google images for yarn!!!! keep up the good work team

  8. I certainly yearn for yarn everyday!!! LOL!!! check out my latest post here.


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