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Friday, May 4, 2012

Aches and Pains in the Garden

So, I spent a day out in the garden and now I'm paying for it with aches and pains.

Happens all the time. I know I have to take it easy and I never do. Does that make me stupid or just crazy for gardening? Yes, I'm thinking both.

So, how did I get these aches and pains? Regular normal garden activities. I clipped this shrub, yanked out that weed, took wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of stuff to the compost pile only to come back and refill it with more stuff.

 Oh, yes, and I planted 200 tulips using a bulb planter and my twisting hands. Ouch! I actually bruised the  palms of my hands with that thing, and that was while wearing garden gloves, but it had to be done. Who else was going to kneel on the ground for five hours and do it? It wasn't going to be Tom who bought the plants. He would just dig one huge hole with his backhoe and dump them all in, cover it up with soil and be done. ~Hmm, always thought he was smarter than me.

For some odd reason I also have achy hamstrings, back and shoulders. Well, not so odd. Must be because I stretch this way and that to reach around plants and to pull a stubborn weed out. The bulb planter came in handy for that, too; removing really deep rooted weeds. Loved it! It's now become a favorite weeding tool.

But anyway, I'm telling you, I get a workout out there. It usually takes two-three days to recover from one of my days in the garden. I might even lose some weight out in the garden.

Which begs the question why aren't there more super models in the garden? Or gardening supermodels? Perhaps I was out in the sun too long. Yes, that might be it!


  1. Well, no wonder you have aches and pains after planting 200 tulip bulbs, wheeling stuff around and pulling weeds too! That's a lot of work after sitting still all winter waiting for spring! ":)

  2. I've seen Mrs Obama in a veggie garden. I've seen Carrie Underwood on a tractor. Do they count as super models? Well maybe superstars?

  3. Actually I've been posting a day late so it was.I went out the day before which was beautiful!


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