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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day Out in the Garden

So, I spent the day out in the garden yesterday just as I said I would. The sun shone bright, it was relatively warm, and birds not only twittered but they seemed to be making a home in one of the bird houses I have hanging on the front porch. They were busy going to and fro, although they were too quick for me to spot. Perhaps they didn't like the loud music I was blasting. Well, I had to have energizing music to do the job at hand.

What was I doing? Weeding first, to make room for the next stage of the operation which was planting a multitude of spring blooming bulbs, because Tom, genius that he is, can't resist a sale for his life.
Over the winter he bought 30 hyacinths, 300 tulips, a couple of dozen daffodils and 9 peonies. *Sidebar-I spoke of my distress over the peony situation on Facebook and  if you followed me there, you would know of it already. I will not ask again if you follow me there or on twitter. It would seem too much like begging at this point, and I do not beg. End sidebar*

Mostly dead?
These off season spring bulbs (I'll tell you about that tomorrow) were desperately in need of being planted. I was determined to do it all in one day (Almost made it too--I'll tell you about that some other time) as I knew it would rain for the next few least the weather report said as much. Even though I was almost certain the bulbs would all be dead by this time, I diligently planted each and every single one of them.

Why? Because I'm an eternal optimist when if comes to plants. It takes me three seasons at the very least before I'm willing to declare any plant dead and gone forever--that may be why you'll often see, well, perhaps not too often, a dead thing just sitting there in a flower bed or planter. I'm patiently waiting for it to resurrect itself.

Don't laugh! It has been known to happen. Truly, my garden surprises me all the time. But back to the topic at hand...what was the topic? Oh, yes! My day out in the garden.

I'm always astonished how much I like getting back into the garden after a long absence. I believe the last time was the first time way back in March when spring was thoroughly passed over and summer pushed forth. Do you remember that fun time? I do, quite fondly. Pity it didn't last.

But summer has vanished or is on hold for a while and winter is almost entirely gone, so I think it's safe to say it's spring. Thus, I believe I shall be going out in the garden more regularly...assuming Tom doesn't need too much paperwork done on sunny days...fat chance! Needless to say, that one day out in the garden almost completely cured my blah feeling of the weekend. I kind of knew it would.


  1. Yea! No more blahs! Funny how a day in the garden can do that for people:)

    1. I was so blah that I wasn't sure I would get over it with the garden. Me of little faith!

  2. The garden is great therapy. Too cold and drizzly to work in mine today but maybe I can drop that humongous pine that is shading too much of it.

    1. Chilly, wet and dreary today, but they are promising better for the weekend. Cross fingers!

  3. Glory, the sun came out here and it finally got to spring is on the way! Gardening can make anyone bounce back from the blahs!


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