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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Denim Crafts: Hanging Clothes Pin Bag

 If you will recall, quite a while back I extolled the wonders of blogging and introduced some of my writing/blogging buddies. Well, in that post I also mentioned I would show some useful items I made with the denims my pal Dan Shaw sent me. Which reminds me, I have to send these finished projects back to him and Beth before they send out the denim police!

What you'll need:
Old denim jeans, you’ll only need one half of one leg.
2 wire coat hangers
wire cutters
Basic sewing notions: Sewing machine or sewing needles, strong thread, scissors, pins, marking pencil, chalk or pen, seam ripper.

Here's what you do:

1    Cut the bottom of the jeans leg off, ~12 inches long. This will be the body of the bag.

1       From the same leg of the jeans cut a circle 2 inches bigger all the way around than the opening of the denim tube. This should provide enough fabric to make a casing where you'll need to insert a wire.


          Take the seam ripper and remove the thread from the hem making a small hole. Less than an inch long should do. You will be inserting a wire in here so just remove the amount to do this easily.

1       Untwist one of the wire coat hangers and straighten it out as best you can, leaving it slightly curled.

       Insert wire into hem until it fits all the way around with about an inch overlap. Snip the wire and move it around so the two ends are not at the hole you created. Do not sew this closed. You’ll see why later on.

1       Turn the denim tube inside out and pin the denim circle you cut from the jeans onto the cut edge, right sides facing each other. Make certain you have at least an inch overlap all the way around.


          Sew the circle to the cut edge of the denim tube.

Form a circle with the remainder of the wire coat hanger and sew it onto the bottom, using the overlapped fabric to secure it in place. Sew all the way around keeping the wire snug against the denim.


 The wires will enable the bag to stand up and remain open. Nifty, huh?

 Take second wire coat hanger and clip off the straight piece on the bottom.  Using pilers form little hooks on either end of the wire. This is the carrying handle for the bag.

        At the hem, find the spot where you inserted the wire. Using seam ripper cut open another hole directly opposite this hole, exposing the wire.


          Attach the tiny hooks you created at the ends of the carrying handle to the wire at the top hem.  This will also serve as the hook to secure the bag onto the clothes line so you will have both hands free to hang the laundry out for drying.

There you have a hanging clothes pin bag. All you have to do is supply the clothes pins.Of course, this one's going to Dan and Beth, so make your own.


  1. That does it. I'm going out and buying my own sewing machine. There's a spot for it right next to my drill press.

    Things my mother made from the legs of blue jeans:
    - Bags for tent stakes and poles
    - shoulder straps for backpacks when originals wore out.
    - Shaving kit bags
    - Long narrow pillows
    - Just about any small bag that needed a drawstring closure.

    1. Mike you go and get that sewing machine! You'll have fun. Love your list of denim items to make. I was considering making a rifle case for Dan, too. Would you know the sort of dimensions for such? You being a sportsman, I figure you might know what would be good to have on a rifle carrying case.

    2. Denim makes good rifle cases. I'll get you dimensions for both scoped, and unscoped rifles.

    3. Knew I could count on you! :-)


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